About Lori Ann King

Lori Ann King, body builder modeling Stealthletic Gear

My Mission

“To inspire YOU to live a life of true health, love, laughter, and freedom.”

Hi, I’m Lori Ann King. I grew up on Kingston Road, live in Kingston, NY and married a King! I currently reside in the Hudson Valley with my husband, Jim. We are avid cyclists and co-founders of Cycle Club Kingston.

I am a writer, a healthy lifestyle coach & sports nutritionist, and a residual income coach.

Nature’s Greatest Miracle

I was crowned Prom Queen my Junior year. From the photos taken that night, this came as a surprise. I wasn’t the prettiest or the most popular. The truth is, I genuinely got along with everyone: the jocks, geeks, writers, rebels, musicians, quiet ones and leaders. I related to them all and loved them all. How could I not? There was a little bit of all of them within me. An eclectic mix of passion and personality.

After all, I am nature’s greatest miracle.

And so are YOU!

After we graduated, the Valedictorian and older brother of one of my best friends informed me that, like him, I was cursed. His view was that everyone expected us to go on to do great things, but that we had already reached our peak and had no where to go but down.

I certainly have had my share of “crashes.” I have drank too much, lived recklessly, had no dream or goal for the future, and dealt with demons from my childhood that threatened to derail me. I have been overweight, under nourished and a half-assed athlete at best. I’ve been broke, lived paycheck to paycheck, been sick, depressed, lonely and unemployed. I’ve even crashed literally, on my bike. Multiple times. In the same day. I always get back up and get back on. I come back stronger.

These were all experiences and lessons that were necessary for me to learn how to fulfill my destiny and step into my purpose.

I believe that where ever we are, there is never anywhere to go but UP.

I am living a life of true health, love, laughter and freedom.

And I want the same for you.


I am currently writing my first book, Life Lessons From The Bike. Be sure to sign up to receive FREE tips and tools to live YOUR life of true health, love, laughter and freedom! (And, to get updates about my book!)

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Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Sports Nutritionist

Fuel your body.

Do you struggle with excess body fat or low energy? 

Do you find the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight?​

Do you find certain foods upsetting to your digestion?

I will show you a safe and easy way to fuel your body for a healthy lifestyle.

Lori Ann King, 2014 IsaBody Honorable Mention

Lori Ann King, 2014 IsaBody Honorable Mention

Fire-up your performance.

As an endurance or power athlete at any level, there is never a time you are not fueling your body. You are either preparing for, performing, or recovering from your workout. I will introduce you to nutrition that was designed to power you up, keep you going, and help you recover! Isn’t it time you stayed one step ahead of the competition, even if your only competition is you?

Lori Ann King, Mohonk Mountain House Mini-Triathlon Overall Winner

Lori Ann King, Mohonk Mountain House Mini-Triathlon Overall Winner

Residual Income Coach

Fund your passion.

If you have a heart of service, a passion to contribute, and a pay-it-forward mindset, I can teach you how to build in an additional stream of income. Imagine building a residual income part-time, with a team, that can cover a car payment, a mortgage payment, or even replace your full-time income so you can live a life of adventure and contribution!

YOU are nature’s greatest miracle, and you deserve to live an inspired life of

true health, love, laughter and freedom!