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Lori Ann King, Author of Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause

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True Health, Love, Laughter and Freedom

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Highly Motivated Warrior

Lori is a highly motivated warrior; I would take advice from her any day. Thanks again for putting your passion into tips on heath, wellness, and prosperity that can be shared.

Talented Writer

I have known Lori King throughout the years as a supportive colleague, a health and ffitness-focusedindividual, a talented creative marketer and writer, and a steadfast and devoted friend.

Wonderful Coach

Lori is a wonderful cleanse coach and has made a difference in my life and that of many others. She can help you make the changes in health & wellness you require to meet your lifestyle wellness goals.

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Jimmie D King Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
Lori Ann King, Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach

Hi, Iā€™m Lori Ann King.

I grew up on Kingston Road, live in Kingston, NY and married a King! 

I currently reside in the Hudson Valley with my husband, Jim. We are avid cyclists and body builders. I am a writer, a healthy lifestyle coach & sports nutritionist.

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