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Scott Aaron

Scott Aaron is an 18 year veteran of the health and wellness industry as a former certified personal trainer, certified sports nutritionist, and fitness club owner. Scott now focuses his passion for helping others through the means of social media, public speaking, and online wellness coaching. Scott is a true believer that if you believe, you absolutely can achieve. Scott has been featured in local and national publications for his expertise in health, wellness, nutrition, and inspiration.

Jacqueline Dooley

"The worlds I invent are inspired by Narnia and Underland. They are driven by curious children, lonely children, sick children – the ones we all root for because they never see themselves as heroes." (Jackie)

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Mark Januszewski

Author, Speaker, and "Trainer's Trainer." Mark is living the dream with his wife “The Fabulous Davene” and their children on the beautiful island of Kauai, in Hawaii – following his bliss.

Ruth O'Neil

Ruth is a freelance writer who loves to stir reader's emotions. If she can make you laugh or cry while reading one of her stories she will consider herself successful.

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A chance encounter, at of all places, the gas station, brings memories, that Karin has spent years trying to forget, to the forefront of her mind. She fears her hiding place will be found. But Karin must face her fears head on.

Shelly feels alone in the world. She would like to bury herself in a hole and not pay any attention to the world outside her door, but God has big plans for her. These plans will force her to step out of her comfort zone, which might be impossible for her.

Susan Sly

Susan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. She is an athlete, passionate about philanthropy and mother of five children. Susan resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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