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Menopause: Choose the Right Perspective (and a Book Giveaway!)

Guest Blogger @ Friend for the Ride

​I believe perspective plays a huge role in how we enter menopause, regardless of whether it is natural or surgically induced, as well as in how quickly we heal.

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Pawling Public Radio Interview with Tina Vaitkus of The Tina Show

What a fun conversation! Tina and I discuss my book, health, nutrition, self care, naps, heart attacks, menopause, and more!

Hometown News!

On April 20, 2018 I was featured in my hometown newspaper.

Read the article: Learning to forge a new path: CNY books and authors


I Want What She Has

on Radio Kingston with Shana Falana and Theresa Widmann @iwantwhatshehaspodcast 

New show is UP!

Theresa interviews Lori Ann King about her new book #comebackstrong  an amazing book about balanced wellness after #surgicalmenopause

Guest Blogger @ Menopause Goddess Blog

Lynette Sheppard, a former nurse manager and artist, first launched her blog to share her experiences with perimenopause and menopause. She later brought on Ashley Jeanne Ross, a holistic women’s health practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Together, their work recounts big life changes, like retirement, and gives personal advice, like how to cope with vaginal dryness. 

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Menopause Goddess Blog

Friend for the Ride

Guest Blogger @ Friend for the Ride

Barbara Younger’s blog is an encouraging space for women going through all phases of menopause. The blog covers a range of topics, like women’s issues, art, the loss of an older parent, and preparing for retirement. 

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Kelvin Ringold, Intensely Positive Podcast

The Intensely Positive Podcast with Kelvin Ringold

What if … you went to sleep one night and when you woke up in the morning, your whole life had changed? That’s happened to me when I went into surgery expecting one result… but reality demanded another. Approximately 600,000 women a year are thrust into surgically induced menopause, and it wreaks havoc in their lives — and that of their families.

Listen to Kelvin’s riveting interview with me as I detail my story, and its effects on my life, and how I eventually took responsibility and control of my life, to Come Back Strong, to a happy fulfilling life, and how I continue to stay strong.

A conversation for women, and the men who love them.

YouTube Interview with Stephanie Gunning

Writer, editor and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning interviews me and we discuss my new book release COME BACK STRONG: BALANCED WELLNESS AFTER SURGICAL MENOPAUSE, which is a holistic look at preparation for and recovery from surgery.

Stephanie Gunning, Writer, editor, and publishing consultant
Lori Ann King, Author, Wellness Consultant