Wheels to Wellness

Life Lessons from the Bike

As a cyclist, I’ve learned a lot on the bike.

Lori Ann King, Cyclist

I remember some of my first bicycles as a child. Some had pedal brakes, went backward when you pedaled backward, or had training wheels to help me keep my balance. As an adult, my passion is with my road bike! There is nothing like cruising along effortlessly at 20+ miles an hour, with a group or my best friend/husband Jim King. It is where I am happiest!

In life, just like on the bike, I am always moving forward, improving my skills and growing in personal development, not because I am unhappy with where I am, but because I know I can always grow into something more, living toward my fullest potential.

As a cyclist it is important to know your bike. The wheels, for example are made up of spokes. If one single spoke on a wheel becomes loose or breaks, the other spokes will soon follow suit. Soon, the whole bike becomes unstable, begins to wobble, and then we are headed for a crash. All it takes is one loose or broken spoke. Every single spoke matters.

The same is true in life. Think of each spoke as an important area of wellness: nutrition, fitness, spirituality/faith, relationships, finances, self care/self love, career, nature, prayer/meditation, rest/recovery, psychological, emotional, social, personal development, play and more! To me, these are all fundamentals or “spokes” on the wheels to whole “body, mind and soul” wellness. Your spokes may be slightly different.

nutrition, fitness, faith, relationships, finances, self care, career, nature, prayer/meditation, rest,, play and more!

To stay balanced and keep moving forward it is important that we keep our spokes tight and in good working condition. At times, all spokes will be working and you will be moving forward toward your dreams or goals. Other times, you will start to feel a wobble and realize that an area of your life – a spoke – requires a little bit more attention. And then, there are times where it seems all of our spokes are broken. This will require us to get off our bike, make an assessment, and start fixing spokes and bringing things back into alignment.

The Universe – who I call God – has a perfect best for you and your life in all areas of wellness. It is up to you to make sure your bike and your spokes are all in good working condition. God calls us to live on purpose. We were designed to live for a unique reason. The dreams you have written on your heart are meant to come to fruition.

In this Wheels to Wellness blog, I will share my own journey of healing, health, growth, athletics, faith and personal development as I continue toward my own vision as a warrior for wellness.

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