Wheels to Wellness: Life Lessons From The Bike

Wheels to Wellness: Life Lessons From The Bike

I’ve been blogging since 2014, but like most writers, the practice began long before that. Writing was there for me long before my mouth could form the spoken words. It was was enabled me to find my voice and discover my dreams.

  • In 9th grade, I wrote a 20 page paper about the 20 year journey after high school, where I would travel to Australia to play soccer and earn a spot on the national and Olympic teams. (Yes, I was a dreamer from a very early age)
  • In my late teens, I wrote a letter to the man who molested me as a child.
  • In college I did an Independent Study that entailed a major thesis exploring boating on the Erie Canal in New York State.
  • Through a very eclectic career, I was constantly refining my resume and crafting unique cover letters that helped me stand out amidst the many applicants.
  • I wrote and spoke at the funeral of my grandmother and cousin.
  • I wrote a tribute to my parents  and sent it to them – written and spoken in a video – for their 50th anniversary.
  • After a violation by a massage therapist, I pressed charges. The man was arrested, and I wrote a letter of testimony to the court, which was used in his conviction.
  • I’ve written countless newsletters and press releases for jobs.
  • I wrote an essay on Conquering Mountains to apply for a graduate certificate program at Syracuse University.


Over the years I’ve written about all sorts of wellness topics, which I categorize as the Wheels to Wellness. The main four themes that have emerged are

    • True Health
      In mind, body, spirit and emotion
    • Love
      If we interpret the Golden Rule as “love others as we love ourself,” then we will quickly discover that we are lacking a healthy amount of self love
    • Laughter
      It truly is the best medicine
    • Freedom
      Because at some point we’ve all been in chains

In the beginning, I wrote for myself – to heal, to get a job, to keep a job, to get into grad school, for class assignments.

Now I write because it is my gift and my purpose.

I write to inspire others to live a life of true health, love, laughter and freedom.

Where you can find my writing:

In September 2016 I earned a scholarship for a 6 month Master Key Mastermind Alliance course. Follow my journey at http://loriannking.com/masterkey/ .

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