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Jimmie and Lori King, silly

Wife, Advocate for Love and Laughter 

One of the things I’m most proud of is my relationship with my husband, Jim. We have a truly great love. Jim is my biggest fan, offering support, encouragement, grace, and plenty of laughter.

I adore him! We are best friends and swolemates, cyclists and bodybuilders, writers, trainers, and coaches. 

And, we have a lot of fun doing it.

2019 IsaBody Finalist!
2015 IsaBody Honorable Mention 

The IsaBody Challenge is a 16-week contest that rewards participants for both body and life transformations. The participants who not only improve their bodies the most, but also improve their lifestyles, will be the Challenge winners. Each participant is judged on both their ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos as well as an essay describing their journey. 

In my 1st 16 week challenge, I was chosen as one of ten honorable mention winners - taking home $1,000 cash.

In my 13th 16 week challenge, I was chosen as one of 15 Finalists - taking home $3,000 cash and an all expense paid week in Costa Rica!

I continue to do these challenges every 16 weeks to keep myself accountable to my goals. Won't you join me?

2019 IsaBody Finalist

2015 NYKO Honorable Mention, Lori Ann King

2015 IsaBody Honorable Mention

Lori Ann King, athlete


I was a runner for over 25 years, competing in races from 1 mile to marathon length. At the 1996 Vermont City Marathon I finished in under 4 hours. In my late 30s I traded in my running shoes for a bike, and fell in love with road cycling. I competed in bike races, team duathlon, and a mini triathlon, with wins in all three. 

I was Co-Founder of cycleclubkingston from 2008-2016.

These days I'm on my bike, paddleboard, kayaking, or in the gym!


I’ve been blogging since 2014, but like most writers, the practice began long before that. Over the years I’ve written about all sorts of wellness topics, which I categorize as the Wheels to Wellness.

The main four themes that have emerged are 

  • True Health – In mind, body, spirit and emotion
  • Love – If we interpret the Golden Rule as “love others as we love ourself,” then we will quickly discover that we are lacking a healthy amount of self love
  • Laughter – It truly is the best medicine
  • Freedom – Because at some point we’ve all been in chains

Where you can find my writing:


In 2017, I published my first book Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause, an Amazon best-seller!

Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause by Lori Ann King
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