Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause by Lori Ann King

By Lori Ann King

Come Back Strong


What if you went to sleep one night and discovered your whole life had changed when you awoke the next morning? This is what happened to Lori Ann King when she went into surgery expecting one result, but was faced with an entirely different reality – one that has had a lasting impact on her life.

Lori discusses how she has taken responsibility and asserted control over her life to “Come Back Strong” after having to deal with the realities of surgical menopause, which was triggered after she had a full hysterectomy and oophorectomy (e.g. the surgical removal of the ovaries) at the age of 43. The book is full of practical tips for readers to release weight, reduce stress, improve emotional health and make positive lifestyle changes – all of which will help them not only manage their menopause, but also create habits that strengthen their mind, body and emotions. Bottom line, women of all ages will find Lori’s insights to be empowering, whether they are going through hormone transitions or facing other challenges in life.

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Come Back Strong, by Lori Ann King


Choose your perspective. Embrace your passion. Discover your purpose. Listen to your heart. Create a life you choose. Come Back Strong.

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Lori Ann King, Author of Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause

Best Selling Author

Lori Ann King

Lori Ann King is on a mission to inspire you to live a life of true health, love, laughter, and freedom. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause and a two-time contributor to Chicken Soup For the Soul series. 

 Lori has an undergraduate degree in Recreation from Western State College of Colorado and an advanced certificate in Information Management from Syracuse University. 

When she’s not writing or coaching, you’ll find her with her husband Jim on their bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, or in the gym.


An extraordinary story by an extraordinary woman. Lori’s book cuts through the esoteric nonsense about ‘bouncing back’ or ‘hanging in there,’ and gives you beautiful, step-by-step process not just to come back, but to live a life of wonder and explode your potential.

– Mark Januszewski

Author, Speaker, Business Trainer

We finally have a book that tells the truth: surgery is difficult and the changes to your body can be intense. Lori’s story is filled with helpful tips as she teaches us what doctors forget to mention: the road back to health may be long, but you can Come Back Strong. I appreciate the insights, medical advice and research in this book.

– Holly Winter

Author, Teacher

Come Back Strong is a gift to all women. It gives voice to so many who’ve been suffering silently for far too long. Lori Ann King’s journey reveals practical yet powerful techniques that will help you overcome regardless of your personal struggle. Her strength and compassion are an inspiration to us all.

– Theresa Widmann

Owner, Anahata Yoga