Q: How do you catch a RARE rabbit?

A: Easy. U-NIQUE up on him!

Q: How do you catch a TAME rabbit?

A: TAME way, silly!

Would you believe that is my favorite joke? Just trying to tell it I get the giggles! I don’t know why. It simply tickles my funny bone! People look at me like I’m crazy or ridiculous but after a while, they can’t help but join me.

Lori and Jim King Laughing with Nicole Laughter is indeed contagious. And studies show it is good for your health!

So, as part of a conscious plan to fill my mind and heart with all things of love, laughter, fun, playful, positive, and healing, I’ve been recording (showing my age here – technically it is DVR-ing) daily episodes of The Ellen Show.

The following are a few of my Life Lessons from Ellen and could very well be the secret to her success!

Laugh Daily

As often as possible. Next time you are in a “less than ideal” mood, kick it to the curb with laughter! Go on YouTube and watch one of my favorites: Gladys Hardy I love Jesus But I Drink A Little

Jim and Lori King dance


“I stand for honest, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you’d want to be treated and helping those in need.

To me, those are traditional values.

That’s what I stand for.
I also believe in dance.”

~ Ellen Degeneres

Ellen reinforced this lesson I learned earlier this year. I have found, that dancing on a Monday morning – or any morning – kicks my week off right! Some days it’s rocking out to Nickleback or P!nk while other times its Jimmie’s dance music. Dancing can literally shake my energy into a positive, enlivened state.

What’s on your playlist?

Energize each other

When Ellen dances she goes right out into the audience to feel and surround herself, with their collective energy. She knows how good and uplifting that vibe feels!


Ellen is a giver and lives a life of contribution. Whether it is money or a car, a holiday gift, the bottom line is she is giving HOPE. She is lifting people up, and giving a hand UP not a hand OUT.


On the subject of giving, Ellen often collaborates and partners with others from Chevy and Ford to Ulta Beauty and Shutterfly. This allows her to give to more people more often in greater amounts.

Play Games

Games like Epic or Fail, Pie Face, Never Have I Ever, Who’d You Rather, are yet another way that Ellen brings laughter and generosity to the world.

With an undergraduate degree in Recreation, I learned early in my career the benefit and importance of play, especially with adults!

Make it about others

Ellen makes her guests out to be funny, but not at the expense of hurting somebody else’s feelings. She is quick to compliment whether it be Twitch being a good dancer or her guests’ performance in their latest movie.

In a world of one-upmanship where everyone has a better story or tries to outdo others, this sort of creative humility is refreshing.

Celebrate the next generation

Ellen promotes celebrities AND talented #kids. She not only introduces us to child geniuses and talented kids, but she continues the relationship and keeps us up to date!


Ellen has proven that you “… can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else’s feelings.”

At the end of every show, she encourages us to #BeKindToOneAnother

And couldn’t we all use a little more kindness in this world?