As I stand there with my flower, fake smile pasted on my face, a woman comes up to me and says hi.

“I’m not a mom!” I practically shout at her, before she can ask.

“Precious Child. We all have a mom, are a mom, or need a mom. That’s the beauty of mothering.”

Two of my goals this year were to improve my health and to write more. And this week, I realized how profoundly connected these two were.

Self-hate is the workaholic who must work through the to-do list. It says you must be productive before you play.

Self-love plays first. Self-love colors, finger-paints, sings, & dances. It takes naps and long baths. It calls a friend. It watches a sunrise or sunset. It stops for tea.

Self-love LOVES.

When we love ourself and our body, we’ll look at the scale weight as data. Data that will tell us if we are on the right path, or if we require an adjustment.