Residual Income

Residual Income Coach

Most of us are familiar with active income: We work an hour and we get paid for an hour. The requirement is your time and effort. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

Residual income (also known as passive or recurring income) is income that continues after initial effort or work is done. Think royalties from books, movies, or songs or real estate and other business investments.

Residual income allows for more freedom in time, and generally, a greater opportunity to build wealth.

  • Jim and Lori Bike Athletes
    Athletes love the thrill of their sport and/or competition, but entry fees, training and travel costs can get expensive. Regardless of our level – beginner, amateur or pro – if given the option, many of us would devote more time and money into to our sport of choice. I will teach you how to sponsor yourself, whatever level athlete you are, simply by redistributing some of your nutrition. (And, you just may improve your power-to-weight ratio and performance and recovery levels in the process!)
  • Writers
    I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with a many fellow writers and authors. The common challenge is often how do to make money while writing your first book or pay the bills when we are in between writing books. For many, the answer is freelance, however this requires time, effort and a thick skin. Many aspiring authors work a full-time job and write on the side. The threat is in working so hard to get published or find gigs that we lose time doing what we love: Writing. I will show you how to build a residual income that will pay you while you are writing – even if you are writing for free.
  • Passions & Purpose
    We all have passions and a purpose. It may be a sport, missions, volunteering, or any number of things. When we are able to get paid and get paid well for our passion or purpose, that is Divine! However, there is not always funding for our passion or purpose. This is where multiple streams of income come into play, and specifically residual income. Together, we will design a life where you FUND your passion and purpose and sponsor yourself and your mission!

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