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We finally have a book that tells the truth.

I've bought e-copies for two friends who recently had a hysterectomy and are suffering.... (When the print version comes out, even more friends will be gifted with the book.) We finally have a book that tells the truth: surgery is difficult and the changes to your body can be intense. Lori's story is filled with helpful tips as she teaches us what doctors forget to mention: the road back to health may be long, but you can Come Back Strong. I appreciate the insights, medical advice and research in this book.

This was a great, and I think necessary, book.

This was a great, and I think necessary, book. Many women are forced into menopause for a variety of health reasons. It's in the aftermath where there is surprise, which Lori speaks about very candidly.

Sometimes I forgot I was reading a book about surgical menopause. Lori's insights are perfect for many life scenarios. This book is not all depressing. It contains a little bit of humor, which is a great addition to a heavy topic.

This book might be a good read for many women, not just ones with surgical menopause in their future, but also for loved ones so that they also will know what to expect during a very difficult and emotional time in a woman's life.

Come Back Strong is a gift to all women

Come Back Strong is a gift to all women. It gives voice to so many who’ve been suffering silently for far too long. Lori Ann King’s journey reveals practical yet powerful techniques that will help you overcome regardless of your personal struggle. Her strength and compassion are an inspiration to us all.

Educational, inspirational, and motivational.

Educational, inspirational, and motivational. A well-written journey through dramatic life-changing effects of sudden menopause that leaves you with a positive outlook to handle life struggles.

Real, raw, informative!

Real, raw, informative! Lori Ann King has created a book that is such a gift for women who have gone through surgical menopause. You get a real sense of the struggle and accomplishments that can happen during this time. This short read is packed with research and information that is invaluable.

Live a life of wonder and explode your potential

An extraordinary story by an extraordinary woman. Having had the honor of working with Lori for a year I witnessed a spirit that elevated all around her. Lori’s book cuts through the esoteric nonsense about ‘bouncing back’ or ‘hanging in there,’ and gives you beautiful, step-by-step process not just to come back, but to live a life of wonder and explode your potential.

An enormous contribution to an often confusing area.

I highly recommend Lori Ann King’s informative and inspirational book, Come Back Strong. Lori has not just captured our hearts with her genuine story about the real challenges post-surgical menopause (that so many women face…often alone!) that she confronted, but she has also given women an easy to understand play by play of all the options they need to consider in the recovery. Lori emphasizes choice and being informed; as a health practitioner myself who is passionate about educating women so that they may be their own best advocate and make wise decisions about their hormonal/sexual health, Come Back Strong is an enormous contribution to an often confusing area.

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