Cover of Book: Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause by Lori Ann King

By Lori Ann King

Come Back Strong,
Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause,
Book by Lori Ann King

Life Lessons from Surgical Menopause, The Ultimate Comeback and Healing Journey for Women

Imagine if you went to sleep one night and discovered your whole life had changed when you awoke the next morning. That happened to Lori Ann King when she went into surgery expecting one result but was faced with an entirely different reality – one that had a lasting impact on her life as she was dropped into full-onset surgical menopause, which she quickly learned was not your typical menopause. 

Surgical Menopause: A Life-Altering Event

COME BACK STRONG is King’s personal journey with hysterectomy/oophorectomy, a life-altering event and surgery, and about finding balance in mind, body, and spirit after surgical menopause. It’s about

  • being empowered to play an active part in your own healthcare team.
  • managing expectations and choosing your perspective.
  • understanding the roller coaster of emotions in your own personal experience and finding relief from menopause.
  • uncovering and embracing your passion.
  • discovering your purpose.
  • learning to come back strong from a devastating life event, listen to your heart, and create a life you choose.
  • doing everything within your power to lessen some of the 34 symptoms of menopause

In Come Back Strong, Lori Ann King shares the vulnerable parts of her life, marriage, and experience, as well as the joys and celebrations of discovering a practical path back to balanced wellness.

Whether you have an impending surgery or are on natural menopause path, Come Back Strong offers real-world advice for your menopause transition and provides action steps for your own menopause transition.

What You’ll Learn from Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause

  • Explanations of wellness and the challenges of menopause, including postmenopausal symptoms.
  • The difference between a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, which does not typically result in premature menopause) and oophorectomy (the surgical removal of ovaries, resulting in an immediate menopause transition). FYI, Salpingectomy is the surgical removal of one or both of a woman’s fallopian tubes.
  • The natural progression of menopause vs abrupt menopause.
  • Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes,  brain fog, vaginal dryness, sleep issues, and weight gain.
  • The benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • The common hormones replaced in hormone therapy and how your doctor can help with hormone balance.
  • The difference between synthetic hormone therapy vs. bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
  • How to change your perspective, expectations, thoughts and words to improve your emotional health.
  • How complementary medicine can impact menopause symptoms.
  • The role of stress reduction in true health.
  • How your own healing journey through life struggles can lead you to live a more passionate life.

Praise for Come Back Strong

While Lori is not a dr. or hormone specialist, “…Come Back Strong is a gift to all women. It gives voice to so many who’ve been suffering silently for far too long. Lori Ann King’s journey reveals practical yet powerful techniques that will help you overcome regardless of your personal struggle. Her strength and compassion are an inspiration to us all.” (Theresa Lyn Widmann, owner Anahata Yoga and Healing Arts)

“Real, raw, informative! Lori Ann King has created a book that is such a gift for women who have gone through surgical menopause. You get a real sense of the struggle and accomplishments that can happen during this time. This short read is packed with research and information that is invaluable.” (Michelle Renar, L.M.T., owner of Hudson Valley Body Works)

“With intelligence and penetrating insight, Lori Ann King has given women who are facing or have already had a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy the gift of a much-needed guide to help with the fear and confusion that often accompany this experience. She accomplishes this with candor and humor, freely sharing her own personal experiences and feelings on numerous topics that are common to having these procedures, including many that women are hesitant to discuss with their friends or even their doctors. Lori’s experience as a health and fitness coach really helps here. The reader will find numerous resources for finding her way back to wholeness.” (Foreword by Carolyn Rabiner, L.Ac, Dipl. C.H.)

“An extraordinary story by an extraordinary woman. Having had the honor of working with Lori for a year, I witnessed a spirit that elevated all around her. Lori’s book cuts through the esoteric nonsense about ‘bouncing back’ or ‘hanging in there,’ and gives you a beautiful, step-by-step process not just to come back, but to live a life of wonder and explode your potential.” (Mark Januszewski, author, speaker, and business trainer)

Educational, inspirational, and motivational.

“A well-written journey through dramatic life-changing effects of sudden menopause that leaves you with a positive outlook to handle life struggles.” (Mark W. Decesare, D.C.)

“Lori has captured the emotional and gritty resolve of someone dealing with and successfully tackling a challenging period of change and trauma that so many women seem to face quietly. Her words are humble, yet she confidently speaks of how to sit up and take control of her life, the way we all should consider doing. What I like most about this book is the true nature of the content will help all people when we face these changes in our lives. The timeline is different, yet the emotions are there for all of us, including men. So the book does not leave anyone out of the mix!” (Hollise Tirendi)


Lori has a keen understanding of the mind-body component involved in the healing journey. For the reader who is willing to be “captain of her own ship,” the implications here are nothing less than profound.

– Carolyn Rabiner, L.Ac, Dipl. C.H.


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Here you will find a reading group guide with thoughtful questions to help you guide your discussion. Feel free to use them to reflect on the reading experience on your own, too!