Book Cover: Wheels to Wellbeing, A Practical Self-Care Guide to Living a More Balanced Life

By Lori Ann King

Wheels to Wellbeing

Life Lessons From a Highly Sensitive Introvert

Know yourself. Love yourself. Empower yourself.

If you are like most people, then you are living your life at Mach 3 speed. You fill your calendar from well before sunup to way past sundown, often working or simply “doing” into the wee hours of the night. You attempt to multi-task everything; your job, spouse, kids, parents, friendships, church, household chores, yardwork, groceries and meal preparations, checkbook, and workouts. You think you need to do it all, until you can’t. And therein lies the difficulty. Because after all, you are human.

WHEELS TO WELLBEING is a tool to evaluate all the aspects of your life so that the money, time and energy you invest takes you further. Learn how to go from unbalanced, chaotic, and overwhelmed to a more balanced, calm, and happy existence with this self-care guide.

Goodreads Review

We live in a world where everything is fast paced, and the faster you get the stuff done the better it is, who cares about the balance in life? until it becomes too much to take and we get overwhelmed.

This book is not just another self help book, and trust me when I say this because I have read many. What makes it different is that it has stemmed out of author’s own real life experience and her lifelong learnings, and it has a very logical and practical approach

The core concepts of this book are self care and wellness. It talks about physical, mental and spiritual well being, it shows you how they are important, how you’ve been neglecting them and what should be done now to achieve a sustainable level of self care and well being in the modern lifestyle.

The book is very well written and well structured, covering almost all the topics from exercise and hydration to sleep comprehensively. The language is super accessible and the writing style is perspicuous and persuades you to have a better and balanced lifestyle. I loved reading this book and thank the author for penning it down as it was super helpful.

~ Aditya Jha

Lori has a keen understanding of the mind-body component involved in the healing journey. For the reader who is willing to be “captain of her own ship,” the implications here are nothing less than profound.

– Carolyn Rabiner, L.Ac, Dipl. C.H.

Real, raw, informative.

Lori has created a book that is such a gift for woman who have gone through surgical menopause. You get a real sense of the struggle and accomplishments that can happen during this time. This short read is packed with research and information that is invaluable.

– Michelle Renar, L.M.T., owner, Hudson Valley Body Works

An extraordinary story by an extraordinary woman.

Lori’s book cuts through the esoteric nonsense about ‘bouncing back’ or ‘hanging in there,’ and gives you a beautiful, step-by-step process not just to come back, but to live a life of wonder and explode your potential.”

– Mark Januszewski, best-selling author, speaker, business trainer, Kauai

Someone Who Understands!

It’s hard to believe that a book about the trials, tribulations, and ultimate victory over the life-altering event of surgical menopause could be a page-turner, but it is! Lori has brought honesty, vulnerability, grit, and humor to this guidebook for “life after” sudden, abrupt menopause and shares how to return – not to the life you knew, but to a better life. Tips, tricks, laughter and love are in abundance here. Thank you, Lori Ann!

– Nancy Ottinger, Lenexa, Kansas

So helpful!

We all face struggles and although Lori’s struggle was based around a medical situation, I found her methods to cope were universal in application. I have read her book several times and especially liked chapter 6!

Lori writes with honesty and transparency about her own personal experience. Easy and quick read. Very informative and helpful. Lots of great tips and resources. Great book! Highly recommend it!

– Amy Van Holla Lowell, Michigan

A Gift to all Women.

“Come Back Strong is a gift to all women. It gives voice to so many who’ve been suffering silently for far too long. Lori’s journey reveals practical yet powerful techniques that will help you overcome regardless of your personal struggle. Her strength and compassion are an inspiration to us all.”
– Theresa Lyn Widmann, owner, Anahata Yoga and Healing Arts

Something for everyone, including men.

Lori has captured the emotional and gritty resolve of someone dealing with and successfully tackling a challenging period of change and trauma that so many women seem to face quietly. Bringing the language to others that we all seem to wish we could voice is such a valuable gift that Lori presents. Her words are humble, yet she confidently speaks of how to sit up and take control of her life, the way we all should consider doing.

What I like most about this book, is the true nature of the content will help all people when we face these changes in our lives. The timeline is different, yet the emotions are there for all of us, including men. So the book does not leave anyone out of the mix!

– Hollise Tirendi

Don't waste 16 years figuring things out for yourself.

I had a “complete hysterectomy” 16 years ago. I thought I knew what I had signed up for and I was ready.

But, as I read Lori’s book, it brought back memories of how I felt afterwards both physically and mentally. I thought that the way I felt was just what I had to go through and I had no choice in how I reacted to the way I felt.

I now wish I had had this book back then. Lori walks you through how to overcome many of the problems you will face if you are contemplating surgical menopause or if you have started down the natural menopause path. Her “guide” will help you each step of the way.

I highly recommend this book.

– Debbie Daniels, Haskell, OK

A Book That Tells the Truth.

We finally have a book that tells the truth: surgery is difficult and the changes to your body can be intense. Lori’s story is filled with helpful tips as she teaches us what doctors forget to mention: the road back to health may be long, but you can “Come Back Strong.” I appreciate the insights, medical advice and research in this book.
– Holly Winter, Author

Educational, inspirational, and motivational.

Educational, inspirational, and motivational. A well-written journey through dramatic life-changing effects of sudden menopause that leaves you with a positive outlook to handle life struggles.

– Mark W. DeCesare, D.C.

Warm and Welcoming.

This book sets a tone of support and encouragement sprinkled with dashes of humor to place the reader at ease. It helps to let a woman know that she is not alone as well as helping her friends and family know what she is going through. I know many will benefit from this read and I look forward to more publications from Lori Ann King.

– Deborah Tuttle

Exactly what I was looking for.

A straight forward book from a woman who’s been there. Easy to read without a ton of medical jargon. Lori’s book is packed with great tips and she explains things I can understand.  My hubby even wants to read the book too so he can understand more from a woman’s perspective of what I am going through.

It is worth the read!!!

– Amazon Reviewer

Lori Ann King, Author of Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause

Best Selling Author

Lori Ann King

Lori Ann King is on a mission to inspire you to live a life of true health, love, laughter, and freedom. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause and a two-time contributor to Chicken Soup For the Soul series.

Lori has an undergraduate degree in Recreation from Western State College of Colorado and an advanced certificate in Information Management from Syracuse University.

When she’s not writing or coaching, you’ll find her with her husband Jim on their bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, or in the gym.