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(Women’s Groups, Book Clubs,  Wellness Events, Bible Study, Corporate Lunch & Learns)

Lori Ann King is a writerspeaker, and healthy lifestyle consultant specializing in self-care. She is available in person and via Skype or Zoom.

Lori’s Speaking Topics:

  • Whole for the Holidays – self-care, food bullying, learning to say no, and more!
  • Menopause and Hormone Health
  • Wheels to Wellness – the ultimate guide to self-care.
  • Transformations – Changing Your Body and Your Life begins with knowing what you want AND, why you want it.
  • Exercise, Nutrition, and Hormones, Oh My!

As a Toastmaster, Lori began transitioning her writing into powerful speeches on topics such as Discovering your PassionFitness Between Friends, and Sharing Your Story.


  • “Excellent Ice Breaker. Thanks for reminding me about my 1st love!”
  • “Great poise up there, and superb eye contact. You’re very comfy up there and it shows. Keep smiling!”
  • “Excellent speech. You’re a great storyteller, well written, poised delivery, conveyed emotion.”
  • “Great speech! And great story – made me remember my passion.”
  • “Brought me back to childhood. Thank you!”
  • “Very well done, you have a great voice and good voice speed so I could understand everything.”
  • “Wow – what a great icebreaker! I was close to tears at the end, thinking about my own passions of childhood. “
  • “Touched a part of me to be fit again, a little at a time.”
  • “Excellent speech, Lori! You gave me some food for thought to get myself back on my ‘horse!’”
  • “Excellent engaging speech! Coming out in front and inviting the audience to participate made it very lively. You present like a pro!”

Samples from Podcasts and Radio

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