This week’s “spoke” in my Wheels to Wellness summer series is Faith. Special thanks to my friend Brenda Elkins Tricome for being my guest blogger this week and sharing a glimpse of her remarkable and inspiring story of keeping her faith strong in spite of a health challenge.

Brenda Elkins Tricome, a regular woman, with extraordinary faithBrenda Elkins Tricome, a regular woman, with extraordinary faith

It’s so easy to give up, loose hope, even lose faith when life happens. When circumstances are out of our control, remember you still have a choice, you can choose to give up, or to persevere. If you change your perspective about circumstances, and look at life through Gods eyes, you see that though the situation whether finance, family, relationship, health, what ever it is may seem unbearable. God is in control. He’s got your back and if you hang in there, you will see him work it all out. The key is to persevere never quit, trust him completely. What is your true purpose in life? We were created purposefully -designed to be the hands and feet of God to do his work. He has a plan. It’s time to get to know him. Being spiritually healthy is even more important then physically health. When we are spiritually healthy God gives us peace, joy, endurance, strength, perseverance to fight and to win.

A quick blurb on my own journey. At 26 years old I became sick with meningitis, which caused cerebellitis- (swelling and fluid on the brain). Dr.’s said if I survived it, I would never work, walk, talk normal or have the life I once knew. I felt my life was over, (it was as I once knew it) Unbearable pain, financial burdens due to medical bills, marital problems, just to name a few of my struggles. Through faith in God, hard work and perseverance I’m still here and now 44 years of age. I have completed 2 iron girl triathlons, some 5k’s and some bike races.

I’m just a regular person like everyone else, but with extraordinary faith.

Life is complicated, and not fair. But God loves you and has a plan. Please don’t let quitting be an option for you. Persevere and you’ve already won. I have found that some of my biggest battles are the ones I fight in my head. God loves you and says you are worthy, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe it and live it. Choose to be the best you, that you can be.

About Brenda Elkins Tricome

My name is Brenda Tricome. I’m happily married with two amazing kids. My son is 18 and daughter 11. I work full time at my salon (Brenda’s Hair Design). I spent 1/2 of my life studying and learning the bible and about God. The first 1/2 not knowing much about the bible, and not knowing God personally. We believed in God in our home growing up but that was the extent of it. Like most people, I have had many obstacles, hardships and storms in my life and been on my deathbed. I know with out the Lord I probably would of gave up. He provided me we inner strength that I did not know exist, perseverance faith and a new perspective on my life. My life verse is Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that all things are possible; God has showed me this as he brought me through some major heath deficits into victory. I believe my life is not my own but to do the will of my Father. I love to share all that he has done in my life, and encourage others who feel like giving up. My husband says I’m the most positive person he knows. My goal is to be kind, and to leave a legacy that inspires and leads others to the Lord and to be the best they can be.

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