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Did you ever notice that when you buy a new car, you suddenly see the same make and model everywhere? It’s like when the mother of Mark’s son was pregnant, and he suddenly became aware of pregnant women everywhere! Until his son was born, and then he began seeing newborns instead of pregnant women.

As we continue our journey in the MKMMA, this week’s lesson was to take a virtue or value and each day, mark a dot when we recognize, relate, assimilate and apply that value – either in others or ourselves. It’s the path to identify, magnify and multiply (Law of growth), as awareness is the beginning of change.

My value this week is self-control. And my association with it was around food and making good choices around a healthy diet.

And then I got a few reminders from the Universe – who I call God:

An email arrived yesterday with a simple message:

A tip for advanced souls on how to “WOW the glorious mortals in your life: Say very, very little indeed.
And, Lori, when asked if you agree with their views, always say, “Mostly.”

The Universe

A devotional this morning began with “No more gossip.” And included a great verse from one of my favorite chapters of the Bible:

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Part of a healthy diet includes our Mental Diet in which we give NO OPINIONS and think positively for seven days. Any negative thought must be immediately replaced (Law of Substitution).

And while I am doing much better with my self-control when it comes to food (True Health), I haven’t made a full seven days on the mental diet. Alas, I began anew last night.

But while we “bomb” our subconscious (Subby), retraining it through this journey, I am grateful (oh! Make a card) of the reminders that pop up everywhere. “Awareness is the beginning of change.”

And I greet everyone with a silent I love you.


Lori Ann King

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Andrew Millar

Great and thoughtful blog. Thanks.

Week 15 – The Journey of Mind, Heart and Spirit

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So funny!!! Ever since we bought a Jeep, which i thought was a rather rare vehicle, all I see are Jeeps everywhere! Your linking of seemingly random incidents to Philippians is no stretch but brilliant! Thank you for sharing!!!!


The way you connected all of the dots in your blog was very insightful! I also appreciate the verse you shared from Philippians,.. Very inspiring!


I love that bible verse you included Philippians 4:8 and the way you tied it into FOCUS and emergence. Geat post
Juneta’s MKE Blog


    Isn’t it funny how “coincidences” happen! What do they say… it’s really God winking?! 🙂


I was skating through life without thinking about my thinking until I came to the MKMMA. What a difference these exercises make!


I am aware that to change you first have to be aware. I love Benjamin Franklin’s exercise because it is helping me be aware of how oblivious and unaware I am, and realized that I have to become more aware. The world is not always the way we look at it and by changing the lens we look thru we see something completely different.


    It’s a great exercise! I love bringing a value into better awareness daily for a week!

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