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Rise Up and Embrace the Day with ENTHUSIASMWe are in week 5 of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Experience (MKMMA) experience. I won’t lie; it’s a lot of work. AND, it’s worth it. As I get clear on my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), my priorities shift and I find myself with more time to do the things I want to do. The new habits I am creating are indeed habits. Good habits. And that is my will.

My husband and I just got rid of cable. Partly to lower our monthly bills and partly to open up more time in our schedule and life for things we purposefully do. We have Netflix so we can still relax and watch a movie or show. However, I’m finding myself spending less time in front of the TV and more time at my writing desk. Writing!

The things I always complained about not having time for – reading, writing, and yoga – are in my schedule as habits, which I created! My DMP got signed off on last week. Nancy O. was SO helpful, guiding me through the process, revising, editing, updating. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! I do love that process. Hmmm… there’s a clue!

Life Lessons From The BikeI felt pretty good about my DMP. But pretty good wasn’t great. As I sat down to write my Press Release this week, the words flowed out of me. 1,919 words to be exact and 7 pages worth! And my press release was about me, Lori King being a WRITER!

As I went back to my DMP, I realized what was off: I had put writing as an after thought! When my truth is, it’s my FIRST thought! It is at the center of AUTONOMY for me AND it is part of what allows me to live a life of TRUE HEALTH! Writing is part therapy, part stress release and very healing to me.

And that is The Awakening. I feel it in my body, my heart, and my mind. Og Mandino captured this very thing in The Greatest Salesman in the World:

“…I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before. My vigor increases, my enthusiasm rises, my desire to meet the world overcomes every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I am happier than I ever believed it possible to be in this world of strife and sorrow.” (Scroll I)

Ah… Bliss!

Lori Ann King

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Lori Ann King

I am a writer and nutrition coach inspiring people to live a life of true health, love, laughter and freedom

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Lori, I loved reading your blog and how you are changing things up to jive with your DMP. The quote you put in from Og Mandino is exactly what I wrote in the beginning of scroll II. It is quite a powerful message. Thank you for the wonderful blog.


And here’s some recognition for creative expression thrown in. Your blogpost is beautifully written. I feel I am listening to a dear friend while reading. Here’s to the blissful future that you and your husband have embraced!

Nicki Goff

Yes! The press release was so empowering – and like you, I found that what I really want is to merge my writing and my art, rather than keeping them aloof from one another. Great post!

Nicki recently posted: https://masterkey.vision/essay-on-compensation/


Meeting the Stranger who knows your Bliss? great post Lori. I too changed my DMP right when my guide approved it. I said, “thats the power of it all, we find how to connect all the PPN’s collectively.


I love seeing that even though you had an approved DMP, you found something that needed to come to the forefront through this process. I had my writing on the back burner in my original version and with each revision it keeps taking more precedent. Finally being able to write without the 400 word limit was awesome my press release ran over 2800 words after I cut it almost in half.


PS I love the image and quote, “Rise up and embrace the day with ENTHUSIASM!’


I just read “The Awakening” post, and you ARE GREAT at writing from your heart and conveying feelings, thoughts and experiences you are having with such CLARITY! You are an inspiration! Thank you so much!

Nancy O



Good job Janet!

Janet Kerr

This is amazing Lori! Love that you have revised your DMP to incorporate writing. I too have discovered that my PPN’s are not what I thought at first.


WOW @mke_juneta ! That is the best compliment you could give me. THANK YOU!


    LOL, I’m glad. I am writer too, so I know. 🙂 It was very well written.


I loved this. I can tell you are a writer. I found what you are saying helpful for me as I attempt writing my press release. Thank you for the food for thought.
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