I am always excited to turn the calendar page to MARCH! This is the month where Daylight Savings Time begins, my luvies has a birthday, spring begins, we all get to be Irish for a day, and no matter what the weather brings, we know days with more sunlit hours are coming! (If you are a basketball fan or are from Syracuse, then you will inevitably also think of March Madness!)

March is also the month of transition from quarter one to quarter two. If you are a “chunker” like me, you divide things down into smaller, more digestible pieces. So if you set a goal or are chasing down a dream in 2016, it’s important to do a regular check in from time to time.

Let’s flashback to our New Year’s goals, dreams, or resolutions. Are you on track? Making progress?

If yes, great! Congrats, and keep going!

If no, then let’s adjust.

Two of my goals this year were to improve my health and to write more. This week, I realized how profoundly connected these two were.

Health means different things to different people and can even mean different things in different seasons of our lives. I’ve had seasons where improving my health meant releasing weight. In other seasons, it was all about being strong. One season even required walking away from an abusive relationship in order to be my healthiest.

hivesThis particular season, it’s about hives. I’ve had hives for over 12 months. I’ve been through all the tests and turned over a lot of rocks and so far, there is no physical reason for them.

Hives are tricky. I’m certainly not a medical expert. Chronic hives are often idiopathic.

Really? Idio-pathic. Seems to me there are two words hidden in there… idiot and pathetic, but that’s just me and a glimpse at how my mind works.

Idiopathic, meaning we have no F***ing idea what causes them. And alas, then we have no idea how to stop them. Hence, the frustration.

You can suppress them, even cover them up. And believe me, at times, I’ve done that. Heck, I’m still doing it. But that doesn’t get me closer to a life without hives. And, it seems to me that when you’ve exhausted all testing and diagnosis and there’s still nothing physically wrong, you might want to consider the mind-body connection.

My belief is that my body is trying to tell me something.

Is your body trying to tell you something?

So the question becomes, am I listening? Am I being still enough to hear?

This past December, January and into February, I probably had the least amount of hives. What was I doing at that time or the time leading up to that?

I was doing a lot of self-care. I was loving myself. Nurturing myself. I tuned in. I listened. I slept more. I napped more. I read more. I wrote more.

Wait. Stop. What was that last part?

I WROTE more.

I was WRITING! And when I’m writing I feel alive! Creative! Joy! Like I’m living on PURPOSE!

To me, writing is like breathing. It’s how I best communicate. It’s how I express myself. It’s my release.

That in itself is powerful.

You see, it is not always easy for me to communicate. Even with people I love. Perhaps ESPECIALLY with the people I love.

And so, I learned to stuff my feelings, emotions, and words.

I’m reminded of a day years ago that I spent with my girlfriend, Julie. Julie’s daughter was throwing a tantrum. A full-blown, red face, tear-streaked, crying uncontrollably, can’t understand a word she’s saying, tantrum. And Julie calmly, sternly, and lovingly said,

“Stop crying. Use your words. I can’t help you if you don’t use your words.”

Ah. There it is.

How many of us “grown-ups” need to hear that and really take it in?

Use Your WordsUse your words.

So today, I’m writing. I’m using my words. And my body feels good.

It doesn’t matter if anybody reads my writing (although I am always thrilled when you do).

It doesn’t matter if I get paid to write (Although I would love it if I did).

Sometimes, it just matters that the words are out on paper. No longer stuffed. No longer stuck inside. No longer hiding. They are out. Expressed.

The dangerous part about stuffing your emotions, is that you learn to stuff everything. And inevitably, the good stuff gets, well, stuffed.

And, get this: Another word for stuffing is suppression.

There have been too many times in my life I have felt suppressed. And yes, there were definitely some that involved abuse and other people played their unhealthy role. However, if I’m to live a responsible life, then I have to take responsibility for my role, which may be my response, which is to stuff or suppress!

Did you get that? 

I give my power away! Lori suppresses Lori by not using her words!

When I’m writing, I’m speaking my truth.

 “…the truth shall set you free.”

And, something pretty neat happens. As I write, the red itchy spots on my body go away.

My body, my mind, and my heart are in harmony.

Two goals – release hives and write more.
So intertwined.
So profound.
So powerful.

Now let’s turn it back to YOU! Back to YOUR goals, dreams, and resolutions. What were they? Do they need a resurrection?

Do what you said you'd do long after the mood you said it in has left you.Are you being true to you?

Are you sticking to it, regardless of what’s in your way?

If your goals involve health, I’d love to talk to you!

I’m a certified sports nutritionist, Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach, and co-founder of Cycle Club Kingston. I’ve been an athlete most of my life – from half-assed to beast mode and everything in between. I have a degree in Recreation. (Hello! How Fun is that?) Let’s connect. Let’s see if we can partner together to bring YOU to your healthiest self!

Yes, I have hives. No, they are not contagious. AND, yes, I can assist you!


Lori Ann King is a writer, healthy lifestyle coach and sports nutritionist. She can help you  live a life of true health, love, laughter and freedom. Become the miracle you were created to be! Let Lori Ann King guide you on your journey toward your dreams!

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