Every one of us has a choice to follow faith or fear. Especially during menopause.

We can fear the worst, thinking we are never going to be the same or get well, or we can have faith that every single day we are being healed, restored, and will come back stronger than ever.

We can have faith that we’re not growing older; we’re growing more youthful, better, wiser, calmer, leaner, and stronger.

Have hope. You will get through this thing called menopause. BHRT and other natural solutions can help. But some symptoms will require hard work, a positive mental attitude, and patience. It may feel dark where you are, but light and joy will come again.

Part of faith comes with a decision. You decide today to be strong and believe that your current condition won’t beat you. You decide to look at alternative solutions. You decide to find joy right where you are and trust that happiness will follow.

Choosing FaithYou don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Two men grow up with abusive fathers. One continues the legacy of anger, jealousy, insecurity, and bullying. One breaks the pattern and focuses on love, always wears a smile, is confident, and trusting. Same history, same experience, same circumstance, different outcome. And different impact on the world. The difference is how these two men chose to live their lives and whom they chose to become.

The same can happen to us. Two women. Both are thrust into menopause. One leans in, gains weight, and grows more and more withdrawn, melancholy, and defeated. The other woman does everything in her power to heal, live her passion, find her purpose, and lead a life of love, laughter, and freedom. Same experience, same circumstance, different outcome. And different impact on the world.

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