Create your own sunshineAm I happy because life is going well, or is life going well because I’m happy?

I have a great life. I’m healthy. I have a man who adores me. Family and friends who love me. I’m cash-positive. I have a successful career. My life is filled with passion and fun. I am able to contribute and give back. Sure, I have bumpy roads and challenges. Everyone does. However, at the end of each day, I can always find something to be grateful for. And if I’m down or sad, joy truly does come in the morning.

In total transparency, this doesn’t always come easy to me. If left unattended and unfocused, my mind tends toward the negative, the cynical, the problem, not the solution. I’ve even been known to whine, complain, and blame. And my mouth can even curve in a frown and my brow in a scowl, more often than a smile.

Not the Lori you know? Or expect?

Thanks GOD!

That Lori is not much fun to be around. Trust me!

I have learned that our energy, our feelings, our thoughts, our happiness, our success truly are within our control. Sure it’s by God’s grace but what I love about the Universe – who I call God – is that it all works in partnership. Which means I have to do my part.

How do I do my part? I consciously and consistently CHOOSE to be happy. To be grateful. To love. To forgive. And even, to smile.

This involves taking every thought captive – and choosing what I think about.

It involves paying attention to what I’m listening and watching. Do I use my commute time to listen to the latest Hollywood gossip, or do I plug in my favorite personal develop cd, or expand my knowledge base through programs like NPR? Or sometimes, when required, do I enjoy a quiet ride?

When I watch TV, am I filling my mind and heart with visions of the walking dead, or feeding it with knowledge, or my heart with laughter and stories or shows of hope and inspiration?

Choose HappyWhen I’m talking to peeps, am I sharing only the bad or what’s wrong, or am I consciously choosing to find something in my life I’m presently grateful for. For example, I opened my eyes this morning.

The same carries over into health fitness.

Am I healthy because I fuel my body or do I fuel my body because I’m healthy?

If you choose today to BE healthy, you will begin to move toward a diet that is nutritionally dense with foods that fuel you, your body and your life.

If you choose today to BE fit or to BE an athlete, you will indeed start doing what fit people and athletes do, which involves working out, resting and fueling your body consistently.

If you choose today to BE happy, you will indeed discover that life is going well and you will indeed find happiness.

Don’t wait for everything to fall into place or be perfect first.

Choose instead to BE what you decide to be: Healthy. Fit. Successful. Happy. Grateful. Prosperous. Abundant. And always remember that the most powerful affirmation begins with “I am.” What will you choose today to affirm?


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