This morning on FB Live, I shared with you some of the things I’ve been up to and where I’m headed. That’s the great thing about Spring: Not only is it a time of rebirth, it can also be a time of reflection and a check-in to make sure we’re on track with our goals and dreams.

March Madness:

March was filled with local book talks and networking events. I was in Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties and Red Hook. My friend Theresa interviewed me on her Radio Kingston show called “I want what she has”. These events kept me busy and I loved the intimacy of the small town cozy events as I took my book on the road. They, along with the radio, were all more like conversations with friends, both old and new. It was an incredible experience where I got to look peeps in the eye and make a connection. That “me too” kind of connection that makes us each feel less alone.

Tapas for Life

The other part of #MarchMadness for me was that I was finishing up a major project: Tapas for life. This was an amazing tribe I was honored to be a part of where we launched 12 new small, bite-size online courses. I took my book, Come Back Strong, and turned it into a mini, self-directed course. It was a lot of work. It’s true what they say: most projects will take double the time you are anticipating. I put a lot of hours and hard work and energy into it., I have to admit, I burned myself out a bit and definitely felt out of balance. There is still work to be done to market and promote both the book and the course. But it is time to do it with ease and at a calmer pace. Accomplish a little something every day. Speaking of which, if you are interested in enrolling in my class, you can have an extra 20% off using the coupon code MENOPAUSE, all caps.  

2020 UPDATE: My course, Balanced Wellness During Menopause is now available at Living Life More Abundantly. Watch for more coming soon!

Phoenix Ultimate Women’s Expo

As I look at what’s next, it is with both excitement and, if I’m honest, a tad bit of anxiety. Although I’m not even sure if that is the right word. I’m not anxious as much as I’m unknowing. You see, all the local events I just mentioned were small and very conducive to conversation. Which guided the talk and made it very dynamic and real. This next event is at the end of April, at the Ultimate Women’s expo in Phoenix. It is an event that will bring approximately 15-18,000 women through the convention center. And while I don’t anticipate speaking in front of that many women (yet), I know it is going to be a bigger stage. How will I create that small group intimacy and really connect with my audience?


The reality is, I don’t need to know.


The answers will come as I get quiet over the next few weeks. Which is one of those tools I use to replenish and recalibrate and bring balance to my life. I also know that as I focus on being real and raw and authentically me, it will all work out. I trust the universe. I trust me.

Balance Will Find YouBalance

As I bring balance to my awareness, I begin to create space for me, the introvert. To go to bed early and sleep late. To take naps when I can. To get back to my consistent habit of yoga and meditation practice. To get quiet. To rest and relax and recreate.  (Y’all know my bachelor’s degree is in recreation, right?)

I’m in the process of learning how to plan for balance as best as I can, knowing there are two strong parts of me, the social outgoing networker/speaker and the quieter, shy introvert.

What does that look like? For me, this Phoenix event will require me to bring my A game, my high energy and show up as my badass extrovert self to bring a message that will inspire women. It is an event that will push me into the unknown. One that I have high expectations for. I know the two day expo and time leading up to it will be FULL. And busy. And possibly stressful. At the very least, a lot of hard work.

How can I build in quiet time before and after so that I can keep my balance?

Beforehand, I will be conscious to clear my schedule. I look ahead with ease and create a clearing to get in alignment, meditate, relax and play more this month, No early morning or late night activities or events. Instead, meditation and yoga and breathing and extra sleep. As for after…

AZ Retreat

The super-duper over-the-moon best part of this in regard to balance is that right after the expo, hubby and I will remain in Phoenix for a retreat! An all-expense paid getaway with a bunch of IsaBody friends (family) as we celebrate the most recent batch of finalists. A wonderful benefit to Jim being the 2017 IsaBody Runner Up!

Bam! A built-in balance of work and rest and play and recreation.

I leave you with this timely quote from my friend and mentor Susan Sly, who knows how important balance is to a healthy lifestyle and productive and purposeful life:

“…either you find some balance or balance will force itself on you.
Fatigue, irritability, weight gain, insomnia, headaches, and apathy,
can all be symptoms of burnout.
Will you ever achieve what it is you desire
if you are not operating at your best?
~ Susan Sly

What are you doing to bring more balance to your life? Comment below. Join the conversation and let’s help each other!