Over the weekend I participated in the 10th Annual Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference. I was blessed to be neighbors with fellow author Siah B Hagin. Siah wrote The Journey Continues, Stories of a Survivor. It is a beautiful work of poetry and self-reflection that encourages readers to find healing and hope. Here is an excerpt:

To Properly Self-Care

by Siah B. Hagin

To properly self-care
Is to learn to close some doors
To close out negativity
To decrease the noise that wishes to take over your mind
To shut down
anyone, anything, that desires to control you
To  properly self-care
Is to learn how to say NO
No to people, places and things that stunt your growth
and Yes to those who wish to see you soar
To say YES to ME
To walk the path of progress to your destiny
To properly self-care  you must close some doors
to protect who you are and who you will become.

To learn more about Siah or to buy her book, visit her website at https://www.siahbhagin.com/