Changing of Seasons

Happy Spring! I have always loved the changing of the seasons in the northeast!

From the seasons in nature to the quarters of the year in accounting or business, and of course football… there is something about the dividing of time -or task – that soothes me.

Truth be told, what I loved about racing triathlon was this “chunking” or breaking down of events… start strong and relaxed in the swim, ride hard on the bike, and finish strong with the run!

I approach my 16 week “transformation” challenges the same way, breaking the time into “chunks”. I start with the end date. Then a half way point. Then I think about it in 30 day increments, then weekly, and daily. As I work backwards from the end date, I set goals for each point and figure out what I am required to do monthly, weekly, and daily to reach my goals. It is so much easier once I’ve done this to think about things one day at a time.

Weight loss 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbsLet’s say you have a goal to release (we don’t say “lost” for what is lost, wants to be found) 30 pounds over the next 16 weeks. Releasing 30 pounds can seem like an insurmountable task and 16 weeks seems so far away. Yet, when we break it down, it is only 7.5 pounds per month and less than 2 pounds per week. From this perspective, it is well with in our reach!

Sometimes, when we look at something in it’s whole it can become overwhelming. But when we think about it from a WEEKLY or DAILY perspective, it is much more manageable!

What challenge or project are you currently looking at? Break it down in halves, then half again, and again until you get to a point where it is manageable to YOU!

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