What may be in the way of your TRANSFORMATION?

By Jimmie D King

Are You the ” Hope Person?

  • I HOPE I can DO it
  • I HOPE I can MAKE it
  • I HOPE I can keep up
  • I HOPE I’m fast enough
  • I HOPE I’m Strong enough
  • I HOPE I’m GOOD enough

It’s time to stop HOPING and take action toward your transformation!

Are you the “I WISH” person? 2

  • I WISH I could lose weight
  • I WISHI could fit in those jeans
  • I WISH I had more ENERGY
  • I WISH I was in better shape
  • I WISH I was Faster
  • I WISH I did not feel so OLD
  • I WISH I had more TIME
  • I WISH I had the confidence
  • I WISH I had a better job, more money

It’s time to stop WISHING and take action toward your transformation!

Is there a problem with the size of your BUT?

  • But I don’t have enough time
  • But I have to wait for
  • But I have to do more research
  • But I don’t know enough yet
  • But I’m not Ready
  • But I don’t have ENOUGH MONEY
  • But I FEEL like I can
  •  But I have to lose weight before I start… to lose weight.

It’s time to stop BUT-ingand take action toward your transformation!

Are You the “Give in to Fear” person?

  • I’m afraid I will Fail
  • I’m afraid I can’t
  • I’m afraid people will think
  • I’m afraid I’m not disciplined enough
  • I’m afraid I don’t know enough
  • I’m afraid I’ll waste money

I remember saying to my husband Blake, on the eve to my return to Broadway after 35 year absence … I said to him: “You know, I’m feeling very frightened about this.” And I began to tear up.  He smiled and simply replied: “Darling, Did you actually expect to feel anything else today?”  And I remember all over again that FEAR is just a part of Life.   The Trick is to recognize it and then press on anyway.

~ Julie Andrews

It’s time to release FEAR and take action toward your transformation!

The Keys to Success are difficult to embrace, but they are so simple once you do!

  1. Start with a DREAM!
    Live focused on that dream …  PASSIONATELY Embrace it as your new REALITY … if you don’t know exactly what your Dream is … LIVE in your Curiosity!  Remember, your Dreams won’t necessarily be easy … but if they are worth having, they are worth working hard for!
  2. Set Goals:
    Your Goals should be written and have a specific finish by date.  This will keep you on task and focused.  You will be able to identify behaviors that move you toward your goals and Behaviors that move you away from your Goals.
  3. 3. Make a PLAN!
    This is a detailed step-by-step plan of how you will go from where you are now to where you want to be!  It has specific dates attached to each step and these must be measurable and reviewable.  You have periodic reviews and these detailed plans are changed to make them more effective, more realistic and more accomplishable .  THIS IS THE A,B,C’s.

    1. We all have our START POINT,
    2. We all Have our JOURNEY!
    3. SEEK HELP from an EXPERIENCED and SUCCESSFUL Coach! It is invaluable!
    Put your Plan into Play with the support of people who have taken or are taking the same Journey you have and have common goals, desires and focus!  Remember, you are the sum of your 5 closest influences!

You will have BAD DAYS … You will make MISTAKES!

LEARN FROM THEM … They are your greatest gift … they tell you what is in between YOU and the SUCCESS that YOU WANT!

Remember This: It’s not just about the weight loss, more Energy, better Performance, Maintaining Health as you AGE, and FUNDING Your Passion … It is about who you become in this Process …That Transformation happens as you take this Journey!

Acknowledge and Embrace the New YOU each Step of the JOURNEY!

Lori’s view:

What is a coach? TO me, a coach is a person who is your friend, someone who really cares about you. A coach is committed to helping you be the best that you can be. A coach will challenge you, not let you off the hook. Coaches have knowledge and experience because they’ve been there before. They aren’t any better than the people they are coaching. … But because coaches have concentrated their power in a particular area for years, they can teach you one or two distinctions that can immediately TRANSFORM your performance in a matter of moments.”

While this quote is from Anthony Robbins, I feel like if it were in the dictionary, a picture of Jimmie King would be next to it. Yes, he’s my husband. He’s my best friend. He’s the great love of my life. He’s also my coach. I’ve trusted him with each and every one of my own health and fitness transformations. I did the work, he did the coaching.

If you are READY, like REALLY ready, then it’s time to take that bold step forward! Visit LivingLifeMoreAbundantly.com to learn more about our nutrition and coaching programs.