For many years, I looked back at my life at age 19 and considered that a year of mid-life crisis.

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

I had followed my best friend to college at SUNY Oswego. This path didn’t serve me, or should I say, I was in a town that served me a little too often. I drank too much, lived recklessly, had no dream or goal for the future, and was dealing with demons from my childhood that threatened to derail me.

Change in Direction

Amidst my sophomore year, I DECIDED to change direction. That decision would take me 2,000 miles away to beautiful Gunnison, Colorado where I would attend Western State College and graduate with a degree in Recreation. I look back on this time fondly as it was such a fun adventure! I learned skills in leadership and teamwork. And I had the opportunity to experience ice climbing, kayak rolling, wilderness camping, climbing a 14er, skiing in powder, spelunking, 5 days in the backwoods with a 35 lb pack on my back, and HOT SPRINGS! This one decision, this change in direction, would also lead me to an internship at Mohonk Mountain House, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where I would eventually meet my best friend, business partner, and husband (all rolled into one!)

BendRoadThe beauty of this wonderful life that we all GET to live is that any day, at any given moment, we can choose to change direction; in our health, career, faith, relationships, money, and life!


In my career alone I have gone from recreation to sales, to marketing, to IT, to recreation, to marketing, to the web world, and finally to entrepreneur where my entire background finally makes sense and I utilize skills from each of my past jobs in my daily work.


After 9 years in a destructive relationship that left me living small and in fear, I chose to leave and pursue an empowered, healthy life! The rewards of that one decision have been enormous in terms of loving my self, building relationships, strengthening my faith, and releasing fear.


CycleJandLAfter 24 years of running, somewhat half-assed, I made the decision to try the bike. Not only did I fall in love with being on two wheels, I fell in love with the man that suggested the change. Together we have built a community for cyclists to grow, improve skills, and develop friendships.

For anyone that knows me now, you might not know that I have not always been healthy and fit. That I have struggled with weight and body issues, low energy, and certainly not performing to my full potential. I have even struggled with food addictions. Every day I wake up and I get to choose what direction I go in. Every day I choose again a life of health, purpose, passion, financial freedom, time freedom, faith, friendship, and adventure!

A better way

residual-income-and-art-jonakAfter working 2 and 3 jobs through my twenties and thirties, trading time for money, I discovered and then chose a better way. A way to live life with a heart of service, and pay forward the lessons I have learned. I have embraced an industry where I build a residual income part-time, with a team, that can cover a car payment, a mortgage payment, or even replace my full time income and live a life of both adventure and contribution.

Know this: you have the same opportunity to change direction. The stress of your life does not have to signal a mid-life crisis or breakdown. It can simply be a signal that it is time for a change in direction.

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