I’m sitting here in Costa Rica… Just enjoying feelings of bliss and relaxation. I haven’t been on my phone or computer much. I’ve truly been focused and present and engaged with the people and experiences in front of me. Barefoot in a bikini is my happy place. It’s where I smile more, dance more, feel more joy and freedom.

How do I carry this home with me?

With focus and attention. And maybe even a declaration.


In my teens and early 20s, all I wanted was to be independent. I went off to college 2,000 miles away – by bus (Read The next time I take a road trip across country! I found an internship and my first job 4 hours away from home. At 27 I “woke up” and my mama told me I was extremely independent. Possible even too independent for my own good (is that possible?)


In my 30s, I wanted to be strong. It was all I focused on. I set the intention, made the declaration, and went to work in the gym and in my personal life. And through some tough decisions and transitions, I learned that I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it.


In my 40s, calm was what I desired. I wanted to quiet the chaos and outside noise. I wanted emotional freedom. I learned to meditate. I learned about managing my energy instead of my calendar. And I explored what it meant to be an introvert and highly sensitive. Guess what? My IsaBody Babes have been telling me for weeks that what they love about me is my calmness. I am who they turn to when they feel anxious.

Independent. Strong. Calm. Different focus through different seasons of life.


What’s next? What keeps coming up for me is FREEDOM, for me and for others.

Physical Freedom.

To me, freedom in my body means I no longer count calories or macros. I don’t chase a number on the scale. I am healthy. I feel ah-ma-zing. Yes, my weight goes up and down between a 10-pound range and I’m OK with that. There are times you’ll see me and my abs are popping. Other times you’ll see a little more curves to my waistline. I’m good with that. I found amazing tools to keep me maintain my weight, excel as an athlete, and be as healthy as I can possibly be.

Emotional Freedom.

I have always considered myself an emotional human being. I blamed PMS and sudden surgical menopause but I always craved freedom from the roller coaster of highs and lows. The right nutrition, along with some hard work going within, has helped me to understand myself and my needs. Self-assessment & self-awareness, along with balanced nutrition have truly help me find freedom with my emotions. I’ve learned that I don’t need to compete or be like the extroverts. When I have a high energy or social experience, I require a time of solitude to balance it out, replenish, and refresh. I require sunshine in nature and water. I require more time being barefoot in a bikini finding freedom. When I do all these things – essentially practicing self-care – I have freedom.

Financial Freedom.

Over the years Jimmie and I have worked to create multiple streams of income. Our focus over the next 90 days is to solidify one of those streams which happens to be residual. And that stream grows as we help other people into ways:

  1. Get healthy
  2. Add an additional stream of income to their household

My mission has always been to inspire you to live a life of true health, love, laughter, and freedom. That’s not going to change. Freedom is what holds the other 3 together. They are intimately intertwined for you and for me.

What about you? Does this resonate? Is this in alignment with your goals and dreams? Even if it’s a small tug of your heart, I encourage you to slow down for a moment, get quiet, and listen to the still small cry from within. What is it telling you? What will you focus on in the next 90 days? I’d love to have a conversation with you and follow up with you in the coming weeks to hold you accountable.

Let’s greet the next 90 days of transition from spring into summer with JOY, Intention, and FREEDOM!

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