Wheels to Wellness

As a cyclist, I’ve learned a lot on the bike.

Lori Ann King, Cyclist

I remember some of my first bicycles as a child. Some had pedal brakes, went backward when you pedaled backward or had training wheels to help me keep my balance. As an adult, my passion is with my road bike! There is nothing like cruising along effortlessly at 20+ miles an hour, with a group or my best friend/husband Jim King. It is where I am happiest!

In life, just like on the bike, I am always moving forward, improving my skills and growing in personal development, not because I am unhappy with where I am, but because I know I can always grow into something more, living toward my fullest potential.

As a cyclist, it is important to know your bike. A bicycle is made up of two wheels composed of a tire, inner tube, and the wheel itself. The wheel is composed of an inner hub and outer rim, which are connected by a series of spokes. Bicycle spokes work together to support and evenly distribute the weight of the rider. On its own, a single spoke is easily bent. Put together with its fellow spokes and it supports a great deal of weight without bending. When one spoke does bend or break, all the other spokes take on more of the load. The extra pressure makes every other spoke more vulnerable to failure. In addition, damaged spokes can cause punctures to the wheel or get caught in your frame, causing you to fall. Every single spoke matters.

In life, just like on a bike, I’ve learned that it’s important to keep my spokes in good working condition so I can stay balanced and continue moving forward toward a life of wellness. The spokes in my wellness wheel include nutrition, exercise, faith/spirituality, relationships, finances, self-care/self-love, career, nature, prayer and meditation, rest, passions, purpose, play, and more. Together, they support my healthy lifestyle. When one of these areas or spokes is not working, all other areas are vulnerable.

Wheels To Wellness, by Lori Ann King

At times, all spokes will be working and you will be moving forward toward your dreams or goals. Other times, you will start to feel a wobble and realize that an area of your life – a spoke – requires a little bit more attention. And then, there are times where it seems all of our spokes are broken. This will require us to get off our bike, make an assessment, and start fixing spokes and bringing things back into alignment.

It is up to you to make sure your bike and your spokes are all in good working condition. You were created to live a life of passion and purpose. The dreams you have written on your heart are meant to come to fruition.

In my book, Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause I tell my personal story and experience of having a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. When I experienced sudden surgical menopause, it felt like all my spokes were broken. Every single area of my life needed my attention. As I put each area of my life under a microscope, I dove into a world of self-discovery and awareness. I also began seeking solutions to regain my balance so I could incorporate joy and peace.

I worked hard to minimize my symptoms and improve the quality of my health on all levels—physical, emotional, spiritual. I benefited greatly from the merging of both Western and Eastern practices and complemented both with other, self-designed lifestyle changes. I learned how intertwined my thoughts, words, and feelings were and I found tools to change them for the better. Wellness indeed took deliberate effort. This reclaiming of balance in my life did not happen overnight and to this day continues to be an ongoing balancing act.

In this Wheels to Wellness blog, I will share my own journey of healing, health, growth, athletics, faith, and personal development as I continue toward my own vision as a warrior for wellness.