I read. A lot. And I do my best to leave book reviews, knowing it matters to a lot of authors, especially the independent self-published ones. I love celebrating other authors and am happy to recommend them and their books when I’ve had an “aha moment” from reading their work. We can all learn and grow from a team of mentors and instructors, and often, for me, that team is a collection of books.

In the coming months, you’ll also get a rare insight into just how eclectic my reading practice is!

From Vision-2-Victory: 26 Successful Strategies to take your Visions and Dreams to Victory! by Phyllis Jenkins Book Review: From Vision-2-Victory

26 Successful Strategies to take your Visions and Dreams to Victory!

by Phyllis Jenkins

Golden nuggets abound as story after story encourages readers to come out of hiding and dust off their dreams. Jenkins delivers on her promise that you will walk away with wisdom, knowledge, tips, tools, tactics, and resources to take you from vision-2-victory.

Over the years, I’ve learned to give myself grace through the seasons of self-doubt. Sometimes, I need to borrow from others’ beliefs, and that is what I received. These are stories of 26 women who had dreams and doubts but stayed focused and took action. A great read filled with stories to inspire, comfort, and restore confidence in what God has called you to do.

Book Quotes
  • For women it can be challenging for us to know where we belong and to take hold of what God has called us to do. I don’t think that God is nearly as concerned as we are with getting it right. He just wants us to get started.
  • Philippians 2 reminds us to do everything without complaining or arguing. When I stop whining, blaming and complaining and start learning and growing, I move forward toward success.
  • What you love is a guide to your gifting and influence. What you grieve over will be a clue to what you are to restore.

The Estrogen Question by Dr. Sandra Rice

Book Review:

The Estrogen Question: Know Before You Say “No” to HRT

By Sandra Rice, MD

The choice for HRT is indeed a personal one, but there is so much confusion and fear around menopause and hormone therapy. Dr. Rice’s book helps women to educate and empower themselves to make the best decisions for their health. She clarifies an often confusing topic bringing her experience, education, and compassion to women.

It is a must-read if you are struggling with hormone challenges at any stage of life.

Book Quote
  • The choice to take HRT is a personal one-each woman needs to consider her health, family background, goals, and personal preferences in deciding what is best for her.

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