It’s a busy time of year for me. I published a new book, Transform: Building the Mindset to Change Your Body and Your Life.

Today I want to take a moment and introduce you to my friend, and fellow author, Angela Verges, author of Laughter H.E.L.P.S. : A Happier, Healther, You and Menopause Ain’t No Joke: Blending Faith and Humor in Perfectly Imperfect Situations.

Women can be fierce competitors.

I believe, they can also be powerful collaborators. I believe in an abundant Universe. I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.

And since Angela and I write about common topics—menopause, laughter, mindset, self-care, health, and wellness—I believe she fits right in here at my blog. Enjoy!

Laughter HELPS – a Happier, Healthier You

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.” Michael Pritchard

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always come easy. Do you remember what Mama used to say, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it?” Maybe that was just my Mama. On this journey to healthy living, well-meaning friends and family will give you tips – Try mindfulness, try Yoga, get adequate rest.

If those aren’t enough ideas for you here is another from a well-meaning friend you haven’t met yet (me) – Explore your funny side. In my experience, health and wellness is more than exercising and eating healthy; It is a mindset…and Laughter HELPS. It’s not funny when you’re feeling hopeless or discouraged…Laughter helps.

Laughter helps you view your situation with lightheartedness. Laughter should be a part of your self-care. A friend told me how she felt peaceful and relaxed after doing meditation. I wanted to feel that relaxed state, that non-hurried feeling, a state of momentary euphoria. I wasn’t sure where to start with a guided meditation, I turned to Google…and found what I was looking for, so I thought.

One morning, before the sky opened to light, I sat crossed legged on my bedroom floor. The only sound that filled the room was a bird chirping at my open window. I opened my laptop and clicked the link to the meditation I planned to use. The woman began talking in a calming voice “– it’s good to pause and relax. Close your eyes. It’s ok to go to sleep…it’s the end of your day.”

I popped on eye open and listened a little more – “this guided sleep meditation will relax you for a good night’s rest.” I wasn’t ready to sleep. I had just awakened. I did not know at the time, that there were different meditations for morning, evening, Christian, and other specifics. When you question Google, you may want to be specific in what you’re seeking.

In the name of self-care, I kept showing up for meditation until I became more than just a novice. Adding to my self-care, I wanted to try Yoga. I was familiar with some of the yoga poses, but still at the training wheel stage. I didn’t have to search too hard for guided yoga videos. As part of my AARP membership, there was a limited time viewing of a yoga series.

Once again, I ended up on my bedroom floor, not in distress, but in a cat/cow pose. After completing that pose, the instructor gently guided me back to a sitting position, crossed legged. This sitting cross legged, must be a thing. I did it as the voice continued to talk softly. 

“Place one hand on your chest…the other under your belly. Hold it there, keep holding.”

I held my hand in place as instructed, until it began to tremble, then my arm joined the vibration. Finally, I shouted out, “My stomach is heavy, that’s why I’m here. This is not relaxing.”

I rolled onto my knees,  rolled my body up one vertebra at a time, and completed the practice by exercising my laughter muscle.

In my eBook, Laughter H.E.L.P.S. A Happier, Healthier You, I share stories such as those above to encourage the reader to use laughter as part of self-care. Laughter has health benefits and can help you get through life’s stressful situations with a side order of joy.

Laughter H.E.L.P.S. (Hope, Encouragement, Love. Prayer, Strength). 

Grab your copy of Angela’s eBook on Amazon. Reach out to her to share a story of how you have been encouraged through laughter, or to invite her to perform comedy or speak to your group.

About Angela

Angela encourages the use of humor for healing and believes you can relieve tension, one laugh at a time. She is also the author of Menopause Ain’t No Joke – Blending Faith and Humor in Perfectly Imperfect Situation.


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