Are you walking through life like you are sleepwalking? It’s time to find your passion and purpose

Morrie said the reason people were unhappy was because
they walked through their lives like they were sleepwalking.

In my research on the symptoms of menopause, I heard from women who complained of a lack of drive or motivation. I could relate. At the time, I thought this was a new symptom related to menopause. Now, looking back with more perspective, I realize it was something I had struggled with for many years.

Menopause heightened my sense of longing for purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I live a beautiful life. However, in the past, there was always this angst, this unrest, this questioning, this . . . searching. Menopause brought it up for examination. I began to reflect on my past with a strong desire to heal areas of stress and trauma and confusion. I also began to look to my future and ponder who I wanted to be.

Who knew that all along what I was searching for was me, Lori. I was searching and waiting for myself to wake up, show up, take responsibility, and be the hero in my own life. And in becoming the hero, I found purpose. I found clarity. Knowing I could help others through their recovery has given me the drive to push myself to do more.

When your life has purpose, you have unlimited energy and joy. Psychologist Shawn Achor, one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success, defines happiness as the “joy you feel moving toward your potential.”

Think of your purpose as a present, as in a gift. Ask yourself, “Am I withholding myself or my gifts from the world? Am I living small? Or am I sharing myself, my gifts, my talents, and my message with those around me? Am I shining my light so brightly that I give others permission to shine theirs?”

Each one of us was born with gifts to share with the world, even if we don’t always know what they are. We can discover them at any time.

I’d love to help you discover your Passion and Purpose. Check out my #TAPASFORLIFE #masterclass bite-size online course, Balanced Wellness During Menopause.  There is an entire section dedicated to discovering your passion and purpose. Get started today, so you can stop sleepwalking through your life.

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Great post. Time to wake up…:-)

    Lori Ann King

    Thanks, Liane! It is easy to fall into the trance and just go through the motions. better to live on purpose with passion!

Sharon Walt

Great insight – thank you!

    Lori Ann King

    My pleasure! Thanks for reading!


I find that I am most happy when I am helping others and by helping other people I make myself happy.

    Lori Ann King

    A fascinating cycle for sure.


That Tapas for Life program sounds interesting.

    Lori Ann King

    So many great courses!


Yes!! “When your life has purpose, you have unlimited energy and joy.” Love it!
Thanks for sharing.

Rip Yegerman

Yes Lori, couldn’t agree more! …living… playing small? Yes… I was. I hope it’s okay to share something I have watched a bizzillion times and shed a bizzillion tears to…
Grateful for you and thank you for sharing.

Greg B Simmons

Awesome concept of purpose in llife.

    Lori Ann King

    Thanks! Purpose is powerful!


Thank you got sharing your insight into joy and happiness. So many need to hear this message.

    Lori Ann King

    Thanx Leanne! We have more control over out health and happiness than we give ourselves credit for!

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