They say to find your passion in life you need look no further than your childhood. Oprah, for example, as a little girl supposedly lined up her dolls and interviewed them.

Lori King Biking First BirthdayFor me, as a child I was always on my bike. I have SO many stories about biking – I actually could write a book about them. (Which, some day I intend to do.)

The earliest story I remember was from Sunset Park, a campground on Cross Lake in Central NY where we spent many weekends during the summer. The campsites were mostly on the water, and the general store and rec center was at the top of a steep hill. One year, our campsite was at the bottom of that hill. One day, my Grandma Betty and I road our bikes to the store, and we had to push our bikes up the hill because it was too steep to ride up. I remember it had to be Grandma Betty, because Grandma Polly never road a bike that I knew of, and actually always warned us not to ride our bikes into the lake! Grandma Betty and I got our goodies from the store and headed back to our site.

The story goes – or so they tell me – that Grandma Betty was suggesting we walk our bikes down the hill – but I was already gone – bare feet in flip-flops, off the pedals, sticking out right because my little legs couldn’t keep up – flI ride to liveying down the hill – hair flowing, no helmet, eyes as big as saucers, grin on my face- in sheer delight!

I don’t remember Grandma’s suggestion or her panic, as she could do nothing but watch helplessly from top of the hill. I do remember Dad at the bottom of the hill – arms out, thinking about catching me and at the last minute jumping out of the way. The road flattened and turned and I eventually slowed and stopped on my own, riding safely back to the site. No harm, no foul! Wondering what the fuss was all about.

I was the youngest and smallest in my neighborhood. In the evening, many of the kids would be out riding bikes. 10-speeds. Big kid bikes. Being the youngest, I still didn’t have one. And I didn’t want to ride my banana seat bike. Gosh, that would be so embarrassing.

Somehow, Dad knew mLori King new bike with banana seat on 6th-birthdayy pain, and my heart. I just wanted to fit in and ride with the big kids. So, out came his brown 3-speed and up and down the street he rode – with me on the bar in front of him – with the big kids!

In 5th grade, I made a “Please quit smoking” poster for my dad for Christmas. There wasn’t a dry eye that Christmas morning. In the spring, my dad gave me my first 10-speed bike. A bike he had bought with the money he saved when he quit smoking.

Another favorite camping spot was in the Adirondacks. Fish Creek Pond was a campground that had a 3 1/2 mile loop around it. This was a time when there were no cell phones, no video games or TV. Just cooking, eating, water skiing and riding bikes! As a family, we would spend hours riding our bikes around that loop, and later, it was that loop that would bond me with my sister when we were allowed to ride it by ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot my love of biking. Perhaps it was when bike helmets came out and I was at the age where vanity came before safety. There were many years I did not ride. I lost my passion.

In high school, I traded two wheels for my two feet and became a runner, eventually racing anything from 2 miles to marathon distance.

In my 30’s, an injury left me unable to run. A friend, Jim, suggested I try biking. It would be easier on my body. I bought a used bike, and fell in love. In more ways than one.

Biking with Lori and Jim KingI fell in love with road biking and I fell in love with the friend who suggested it! Jim would eventually become my husband! We have since co-founded Cycle Club Kingston, where we get to lead and ride with local people – from beginner to pro!

Just like when I was a kid, I love riding my bike! The sprinting. The lead out. The climbing of hills. The flying down hill. Seeing new places. Traveling further than I could on two feet. Pushing my body. Feeling both exhilarated and exhausted! Riding my bike in beautiful places is my heart’s desire and I get to do it with my best friend!

What about you? What was it that you LOVED to do as a child? When did time stand still? Was it while you were playing, perhaps a sport, or instrument. Was it while you were drawing, painting or writing? Were you building something? What was YOUR Passion and,

Are you still doing it?

So often, we stop dreaming. We forget our first loves. We give up on our passions. It could be due to time or money. It could be because life became about the struggle instead of the dream.

It’s time you gave yourself permission to DREAM! There is a path to financial freedom and residual income.

I’d love to hear about your dreams and passions. And I’d love to partner with you on the path to making them a reality!

Lori Ann King is a writer, healthy lifestyle coach and sports nutritionist. She can help you  live a life of true health, love, laughter and freedom. Become the miracle you were created to be! Let Lori Ann King guide you on your journey toward your dreams! Stop living small and contact Lori Ann King now!