Jimmie & Lori King with Patty & Bruce Bender

It was September 2016. Our friend Patty invited my husband and I to apply for a scholarship to a 27 week Master Keys Mastermind Alliance course that she had recently participated in.

“It was the best thing I did…” she said.

Jimmie and I met Patty through a health and wellness company that we partner with in network marketing. Since we shared a belief that this partnership was one of the best opportunities we ever said yes to, her statement immediately got our attention. We already knew, liked (ok, LOVED) and trusted Patty, so we pretty much jumped in with both feet!

The first week I began crafting our DMP, my Definite Major Purpose Statement. I went back and forth editing, refining, clarifying and really digging in to discover my heart’s desire and life’s purpose. Nancy was incredibly helpful, patient and persistent with me.

Two significant aspects of my DMP are

  1. Writing
  2. Vacation

Before March 31, 2017 I earn money by writing. I am a writer! I am ecstatic over the freedom I have to create my own schedule, travel, and take long vacations. I WRITE daily, sharing my experience with wellness, balance and healing. As I write I feel creative, productive and purposeful.

Before December 31, 2016 I spend Christmas week in Jamaica! It feels wonderful to relax, rest, and play! The sun on my skin is warm and the sound of the ocean is music to my ears!

An interesting part of the DMP is coming up with my personal pivotal needs (PPN’s).  My top two PPN’s are True Health and Autonomy. A close third is Recognition for Creative Expression. They all actually work together: My goal is to be a self-employed writer (autonomy). I write about health, healing, wholeness and anything to do with the Wheels to Wellness (true health). I write for two of my own blogs and have had articles featured on a few online sites, however my dream was to see my name in print – magazines, newspapers, and eventually a book – anything I can hold in my hands (recognition for creative expression). I write to inspire others. I write to heal and I write to light the path for others.  

Here we are in week 11. And guess what. Are you ready? Will you celebrate with me? Will you sing praises from the rooftops? Will you celebrate a victory? Will you stop what you are doing right now and do a happy dance with me?

Ok. Here it is:

  1. My first article has been published in the Van Wyck Gazette! My name is in print! I am a WRITER!
  2. Vacation – On Monday we leave for Cancun! It’s not Jamaica, but I dare say it’s going to be even BETTER!

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds! Stay tuned!

Lori King, writer for the Van Wyck Gazette

Lori King, writer for the Van Wyck Gazette