Before December 31, 2016, I spend Christmas week in Jamaica! It feels wonderful to relax, rest, and play! The sun on my skin is warm and the sound of the ocean is music to my ears!

So this was part of my original DMP. At some point, I attempted to change “jamaica” to “somewhere south of Florida.”

My guide, Nancy O. cautioned me against going this non-specific. I might not of ended up in Jamacia, but Jamacia meant warm, laid-back, beachy, etc etc etc to my subconscious because that’s what I’ve always thought of Jamacia.  I could end up  vacationing in Belize, or Mexico or St. Thomas, etc., but still in the ballpark of the Jamacia vision.

And, somewhere south of Florida could also be a slum ghetto!

As my vision and goals got clearer, it became

Before December 31, 2016 I spend a week in December on vacation in Mexico!

Playa Del Carmen to be specific! We relaxed, rested, and played! The sun on my skin was warm, and the sound of the ocean was music to my ears!

ocean balconyview beach img_0064