I’m fascinated by the mind-body-spirit-emotion connection. If our thoughts directly affect our experiences, interactions, and life – and I believe they do – then WE have the power to change our world and the world around us, simply by changing our thoughts!

Think about these things Phil 4:8Stinkin Thinkin

But what if we have bad thoughts or stinkin thinkin? Perhaps we have been surrounded by cynicism and negativity. That can certainly create a toxic mind.

Every one of us has the power to replace bad thoughts with GOOD! Good thoughts create good habits, which create change in our inner AND outer world!

Conscious and Subconscious

Our conscious and subconscious (Subby) mind are connected through a system of nerves. The conscious mind is found in the brain.

Subby is found in the back of the STOMACH, the Solar Plexus. (Hello gut instinct!)

The gut is where life radiates fromThe Solar Plexus radiates life, energy and vitality to every part of our body AND everyone we come in contact with. The result is the body is filled with HEALTH and everyone in contact has a pleasant experience!

Magnetic Personality

Have you ever met someone you were instantly drawn to? Someone with a magnetic personality, charisma, or in the FLOW? They generate energy so strong, we can’t help but be attracted to them. People with this magnetism wield an enormous power for good! Their mere presence brings comfort to troubled minds in everyone they associate with.

My experience

Recently, EVERY person I encountered smiled at me like I was their bff, and said hello! I thought, “Wow! Everyone is so friendly today!” Then I realized it was ME. I was smiling, calm, relaxed, walking with CONFIDENCE. I was greeting everyone like THEY were MY bff! I was the cause. Everyone around me was responding!

The opposite is also true: If our energy is unpleasant or blocked, then the flow of life and energy to some part of the body is STOPPED! This can actually REPEL others and even cause ILLNESS!

Mastering Our Energy

The world within of thought and feeling and powerWith our conscious thoughts we can master the Subby.

The QUALITY, CHARACTER and NATURE of the thoughts we ENTERAIN determine the energy we radiate!

Let Your Light Shine

The key to generating good thought habits and good energy is by shining our light! It is living with passion, purpose and confidence. It is being who we are and who we were created to be, not who someone says we are supposed to be. When we are comfortable in our skin we are in alignment with our purpose. We become MAGNETIC!

What are the things I repeat without question
and do automatically without even thinking?
These are my habits … what are the habits I have built?
Which ones support who I am & which ones support
where I want to be (My Dreams)!

~ Jim King

Expand, don’t contract

Ultimately, we want the solar plexus to EXPAND! Nonresistant, pleasant thoughts of COURAGE, power, confidence, and hope EXPAND the Solar Plexus.

Resistant, unpleasant thoughts of FEAR CONTRACT it.

Courage is resistance to fearEliminate all fear!

What do we fear? EVERYTHING! We fear the past, the present, and the future. We fear ourselves, our friends, and our enemies. We fear everything and everybody!

Destroy fear and our light shines! People-pleasing ends. Criticism does not affect us. We radiate COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, POWER, HEALTH, STRENGTH and HARMONY. We anticipate SUCCESS. There is no fear because we are partnering with the God of the Universe!

Be Still and Know That I am GodFinding YOU

In order to find your passion, purpose and desires of your heart you’ll need to get quiet. Your mind, body, spirit, and emotion are CONNECTED, internally and universally. We can’t hear the still small voice, pointing us in the right direction if we’re busy, tense or stressed.
Consistently sit still daily. Relax. Let go. Let your muscles release. Remove pressure from your nerves. Focus releasing in your pelvic bowl, your gut or solar plexus where Subby resides. Eliminate the tension (mental unrest) that causes physical exhaustion.

Relaxation is necessary
This physical rest will calm your mind, resulting in less worry, fatigue, fear, and anxiety.

“Having the ability to relax every part of my body from my head to my toes and every part within is like a mini retreat every morning! That pit of anxiety that rests in my very core is calmed  and I feel rest and peace.”

~ Louise


Watch in amazement as you find yourself strong, creative, productive, refreshed, renewed, energized, and EXCITED. You’ll have more passion for your career, your relationships, and your life.

You’ll have magnetism that wields an enormous power for good! Your mere presence brings comfort to troubled minds in everyone you associate with!