“You don’t need to be helped any longer,”
Glinda tells Dorothy. “You’ve always had the power.”

So, you’re moving along through life, relatively comfortable. Sure, not everything is perfect, but everything is familiar. Life is good. You are content.

Then, the hot flashes and night sweats begin. You gain weight. You can’t sleep. You experience brain fog. You are on an emotional rollercoaster that makes PMS look like a kiddy ride at the carnival. You lose your temper or cry at the drop of a hat.

Then, you realize that you’ve lost all interest in your job, your mate, sex, the kids, and pretty much everything in life.

You reach out to Dr. Google and there is talk about HRT but with that comes the scare of more harm. You join an online forum or Facebook group and all you see are complaints without solutions. You ask your doctor for help with your weight and he tells you it is simply part of aging.

Suddenly, you find yourself suffering through menopause in silence.

You feel alone, confused, afraid, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Many women get stuck here for years or even decades. Struggling to find their balance. Wondering if they will ever feel good in their body again.

I know. I’ve been there.

Desperate to feel better, I exhausted ALL the external resources of traditional and nontraditional routes to wellness along with lifestyle changes. I believed I needed something outside myself – a pill, a diagnosis, therapy, advice, or a sign, message, or miracle from God – to feel better.

It took menopause – in my case the sudden surgical kind – for me to wake up and embrace the power that I had in my own life to feel good in my body, to experience peace and calmness, to find passion and purpose, and to focus on the positive.

However long you’ve been struggling with menopause, you can decide today to take action and go to work toward balanced wellness. It’s time you recognize that you have the power to feel good in your body, mind, spirit, and LIFE! You just may be missing a few tools. That’s why I created my course, Balanced Wellness During Menopause, to help you find your way to the yellow brick road of empowerment.


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