Rocky Mountain Sunrise and letter from GodDear God,

I’m frustrated.

Opps. Sorry. I shouldn’t start our conversation with a complaint.

How are You today? Thank YOU for giving me life, breath, eye sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell, a heart that beats, feet and legs that walk, hands that write.

You made me – magnificently, beautifully. My heart, my mind, my soul are unique and wonderfully made.

And, I have some concerns…

I then went on to complain about a few things. The real, raw, unashamed vent to a God that knows me and made me and already knows what and how I’m feeling at this very moment. It was a letter written through tears that ended with…

Help me live a life of harmony, balance, love and flow.

Teach me, God, Teach me.

With love, gratitude, and kindness,

Lori Ann

I then wrote a letter back to myself from God. It was pretty short and sweet and quite simple:

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Dear Lori Ann,

Be love.

Be grateful.

Be kind.




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