Lori King with Robin Danziger, Carol Lieberman and Jimmie D King at Rough Draft Bar and BooksAfter self-publishing my first book, Come Back Strong, I knew I wanted to celebrate. There were a lot of details to figure out such as where did I want this event to happen? What day? What time? How to get the word out? What should I offer my guests? Coffee and tea? Beer and wine? How do I accommodate guests that love a good beer and others that prefer to cozy up with a hot beverage?

Present Moment Mindfulness

There was one detail that I knew: I wanted to be fully present in the moment for my guests.

I wanted to listen, laugh, and catch up for at least a few minutes with everyone who showed up.

My goal was to practice mindfulness.

What is the Meaning of “Live in the Present”

What exactly does it mean to live in the present? It means you are not over-analyzing the past thinking of what you “would of, could of, should of” done. You are not worrying about the future and all the possible outcomes, and you are living without distractions. Fully focused on what is before you in the present moment.

Two Sisters, Two Different Priorities on Presence

In the Bible, there is a story of two sisters: Martha, the worker bee, and Mary, the social butterfly. They invited Jesus and His disciples into their home, and Martha got pulled away by all the preparations in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Mary sat down with their guests, fully present and able to enjoy their time together.

As much as I want to be like Mary, the social butterfly, I know I am more like Martha, the worker bee. How about you?

Imagine hosting an event in your own home. If you are like me, a full-on Martha worker bee, you won’t relax, stressing over whether you have enough room for the number of guests you invited or the lack of fine dining. You drive yourself and your spouse crazy with the endless list of tasks of the utmost importance that has to be done before the party. You know, things like cleaning out the junk drawer, the medicine cabinet, and the gutters. Painting the garage, wallpapering the office, and landscaping the backyard. During the winter. You end up sweaty, bitchy, sleepy, and more than a little psycho!

(By the way, did I mention that the book you are celebrating at this event is about finding balance during menopause?)

Isn’t that often the case? We start to think about all the preparations required, and overwhelm sets in. We worry our home isn’t right, or we are in the middle of projects that never seem to get finished. Maybe we don’t like to cook, or maybe, just maybe, we worry that our floors aren’t clean enough.

Then imagine the day finally arrives. You are busy bustling around, filling drinks and snack bowls while picking up empty plates and napkins to get a jump on the cleanup. You focus so much on the preparations that you miss out on the most important thing: showing up and being present at your own party.

How to Be More Present in a Relationship

Let me tell you a little secret: your friends aren’t coming to spend time with your house. They don’t care if it is spotless or pristine. It won’t concern them if you are in the middle of a remodeling project. You don’t have to have a five-course meal or five kinds of cookies for dessert. Most times, your friends won’t even care if you feed them.

Here is what I know: Your friends want YOU. All of you. Fully present. They want your time, your smile, your laughter. They want the twinkle in your eye and they want to celebrate with you whether it is the launching of a book, a marriage (or divorce), birth, graduation, a holiday, or simply the fact that you opened your eyes today.

Lori Ann King at Rough Draft Bar and BooksSo, here is what actually happened: I had our locally-owned bookstore, Rough Draft Bar & Books, host my party. Yes, you read that right. It is a bar and a bookstore located in Kingston, NY, that offers beer, hard cider, coffee and espresso, tea, as well as savory and sweet pies and pastries.

This was the perfect solution. Let’s face it, we all have an eclectic group of friends with different tastes. Some like beer, some prefer tea, and some just simply want to visit with me. Rough Draft allowed for all three.

How to be More Present in the Moment

And I got to be a little bit like Martha, the worker bee, and a lot like Mary, the social butterfly. In the weeks leading up to the event, I worked hard like Martha, preparing so that at the party, I could be present like Mary. I coordinated with the owners, Amanda and Anthony Stromoski, over the day, time, snacks, and ordering of books. I got my invites out by snail mail, email, social media, and word of mouth.

And then, on the day of my book launch and signing party, for over two hours, I got to be like Mary, the master at being present, fully engaged with my guests.

The moral of the party? Prepare to be present. It’s the only time that matters.

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