There are two critical factors that will drive you to seek balance and wellness and live your best life.

Define Healthy

Would you agree that being healthy and balanced can mean different things to different people?

It’s important to know what healthy means to you personally. Not what other people, magazines, society or even I say is healthy.

What do YOU want as part of a healthy lifestyle in balanced wellness?

  • Weight loss or weight gain.
  • Strength.
  • Sleep Better or More Energy.
  • Better Digestion.
  • Improved performance as an athlete, musician, writer, or life in general.
  • Mental focus and clarity.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Relationships (family, friends, spiritual)
  • Financial

I believe it is in our DNA to crave balance. Between being a wife (or husband), friend, employer, employee, a mom (dad) and everything that goes with that, there are a lot of things that can take us out of balance. And for women, it’s often exacerbated by our hormones!

Lori and Jim King, Sedona, AZ

Start with Why (or who)

In addition to defining what healthy and balanced means to you personally, it’s equally important to know WHY you want to get healthy and feel more balanced.

When I met my husband Jim, we made a promise to each other: to be as healthy as we possibly could be, every single day, for the rest of our lives. I’m counting on him 2 keep his promise. He’s counting on me 2 keep mine.

That is my why. That is what motivates me to live a healthy lifestyle and stay balanced.

Every single one of you has someone or something in your life that is counting on you. It may be your partner, bff, child, sister, passion, mission, ministry or faith.

What is it for you? Your top priority? The thing that would cause you to move heaven and earth to protect it and keep it sacred. The thing that would cause you to ACT? To CHANGE. To  RISE? To COME BACK STRONG?

Do you know?

Because if you do, it will make all the difference with your decisions. It will be what drives you to seek balance and wellness and live your best life.


In the coming weeks I will be writing about the Wheels to Wellness, and all the areas of our life that we examine to regain our balance and live a healthy lifestyle.