First off, I can’t start a post about freedom without thanking our service men and women, past, present, and future, who fight for freedom. They fight because they believe… not just in freedom for themselves, but freedom for their country. 

When you believe in something, you fight for it. It shows up in how you live, serve, and give. It shows up in what you fight for.

At times in my life, I have fought for what I believed in. 

As a teenager, I fought for my independence because I believed I could be a strong, courageous woman. I believed so fiercely that I took a bus 2,000 miles across the country to go to school in Colorado. Let me tell you, the next time I take a road trip across the country I will pack my own toilet paper.

As an adult, I have fought against suppression and abuse. I believe every human being deserves respect and emotional freedom. This belief continues to show up in how I give to charities that support women and children such as Childhelp, World Vision, and Washbourne House.

I have fought to feel good in my body. Isagenix helps through amazing superfood, the 16-week Isabody Challenge, and Healthy Mind and Body. I believe in their products, service, the company, their integrity, and their no-compromise solutions. I also believe everyone should feel good, strong, healthy, and confident in their body, so nine years later, I still share the message of Isagenix healthy solutions (weight loss, energy & performance, graceful aging) any chance I get. 

I have fought for financial freedom. I share the business opportunity of Isagenix because I believe in network marketing. I believe in residual income. I also know that our passions don’t always pay the bills. I love to write. But writing doesn’t pay my bills (yet). Network marketing allowed me to leave my full-time job last month to play more, write more, and help more people transform their lives.

What about you?

What do you believe in so strongly that you’ll fight for it? I’d love to hear. Comment below or shoot me an email. 
Here’s a template for you to brainstorm a bit:

I fight for ___________________ because I believe in _________________, for myself and every _______________ (woman, child, person, animal…)

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