This week all messages are pointing toward living a life of contribution, sharing our gifts with the world, and participating in the solution. I’m reminded that it is through contribution that we find significance and spread love.

What I love about service and giving is that small steps done with consistency and passion amount to significance.

But sometimes, we get that backward, right? We think

  • When my bank account is significant enough, I’ll start giving.
  • If I had more time, I’d volunteer.
  • When I feel better about myself, I’ll speak at an event.
  • When I quit my job, I can devote more time to my hobby or passion.

I encourage you today, wherever you are, to start small and take action. Together, our contribution can make a significant impact.

Where Can I Make a Contribution?

You may wonder where you can give your time, money and talents. There is no shortage of requests via phone, social media, office fundraising, etc. Remember, small actions done with consistency and passion amount to significance. Imagine if 1,000 people donated $5 today. That’s $5,000 of giving. What if we did that consistently every month or week? What if every quarter we increased the amount and the number of people? Imagine the impact we could have on the world.

If you don’t know where to make a contribution, ask yourself what makes you angry. What makes you cry? What excites you? For me, child abuse, domestic violence, and poverty have all been receivers of my giving. For you, it may be cancer research, animal rights, hunger, police or fire departments, or your local church.

It’s easy to feel cynical, overwhelmed or depressed about situations in our world. However, that’s no excuse not to get involved.

“…people who participate in the solution to problems, don’t seem to find themselves as depressed about those problems as do people standing on the sidelines doing nothing. Hope is born of participation in hopeful solutions.”
~ Marianne Williamson

Money, Time or Talent Contribution?

We can all have purpose and passion. You have talent. Have you discovered yours? Some of you may know them instinctively. Some of us take a little longer to figure out. But when you know you are and what you have to offer, it’s easy to find and say yes to things that are in alignment.

When was the last time you had a yard sale? Instead of selling for profit, what if you were to donate your goods to a local shelter, hospital, or charity?

Are you a writer? Painter? Trainer? Teacher? Make-up Artist? Where can you donate your services?

Are you great at organization? Customer service? Event planning? There are charities all over your city that would love a few hours of your time and/or talent.

Share yourself with the world. Not only will your favorite charity and its member’s benefit, but you will feel greater significance for being part of the solution.

Start With a Small Contribution. Start Today.

Remember: Small Steps + Consistency + Passion = Significance

Fire It Up Women's Event, hosted by Lori Ann King, Susan Vitolo and Hollise Tirendi. Proceeds to benefit Washbourne House. 10/18/16

Fire It Up Women’s Event, hosted by Lori Ann King, Susan Vitolo and Hollise Tirendi. Proceeds to benefit Washbourne House. 10/18/16

With gratitude, kindness, and love,


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