Do More of What Makes You HappyThe holiday season is upon us, and I want to encourage you to do more of what feels good.

For many, this is the busiest time of year. It is filled with so many obligations that we can sometimes lose sight of the season’s joy.

Today, I’m encouraging you to take a moment and forget all the “shoulds” of the holiday season. Close your eyes and imagine what would make you feel good. What would bring you joy, laughter, and peace?

Ideas For Doing More of What Feels Good:

  • Playing in the snow (or leaves, or backyard/park) with your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews. 
  • Building gingerbread houses or baking cookies with your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews.
  • Taking a romantic sleigh ride with your partner.
  • Sleeping in on the weekends.
  • Reading a book uninterrupted, just for fun.
  • Enjoy a wine/tea night with a group of girl/guy friends or couples.
  • Spending a few nights each week at home instead of running from event to event.
  • Traveling to a warmer climate. Or, a colder one.
  • Starting each day with a nutritionally dense breakfast.
  • Making movement a priority, instead of the thing that gets crossed off your list as your calendar fills up. 

In Wheels to Wellbeing, I compare self-care to the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Each spoke matters. Spokes can include nutrition, movement, solitude, nature, faith/spirituality, purpose, and passion. It is all based on your individual needs for feeling your best. Each one of us prioritizes our spokes differently. We can even have different priorities during different seasons. 

This season, as you look at your calendar for the next two months, FIRST prioritize those things that would make you feel GOOD. Add in those non-negotiable events and activities with family and loved ones FIRST. And if you’re an introvert or highly sensitive, make sure you build in regular times of solitude to nurture your soul.

Feel Good First, Shoulds Second

There will always be time to add in the “shoulds” of our life. You can consider shortening their time frame. Perhaps you feel obligated to go to the holiday party at your place of work. But as much as you enjoy your co-workers, you already spend over 40 hours a week with them. You’d rather spend time with family and friends. Instead of a two or three-hour holiday work party, perhaps you can stop by for appetizers or dessert, shortening that window to 45-60 minutes, freeing up time to do more of what feels good.

Do you participate in a cookie swap? Where you are required to bake twelve dozen or more cookies? Offer to go in with a friend, where you only bake half the required amount. Or, instead of trudging through it on your own, grab a friend or family member and make it a fun event!

Also, remember sometimes “shoulds” overlap with feel-good. If you feel you should volunteer this holiday season at a soup kitchen, for example, trust that serving others, seeing their joy and gratitude, is the ultimate feel-good experience. 

 This holiday season, swap “should” to “feel good.” Honor yourself, respect yourself, and love yourself. In the process of focusing on what makes you feel good, you’ll honor and respect your family, loved ones, and everyone that comes across your path.

Your family and friends need you to feel good.

The world needs you to feel good.

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