Summer is here and you may think that maintaining your healthy lifestyle is a lost cause. It doesn’t have to be.

Here are three obstacles and my solutions to navigate each one. With a little extra planning and mindfulness, this will be a happy and healthy summer.

People Pleasing vs Disappointing YourselfPeople Pleaser: Obstacle #1 to a Healthy Lifestyle

The people in our life can support us or sabotage us in our healthy lifestyle pursuits, however, it is OUR behavior as a people pleaser that is the threat, not our loved ones. Peer pressure and social expectations can have us saying yes when we want to say no. We worry about disappointing others yet what hurts more is when we disappoint ourselves.

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Stress: Obstacle #2 to a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Like Crap, Feel Like Crap, Eat Like CrapOMG! I’m so stressed out!

You have either heard or said this. Life gets overwhelming, stress levels rise, and we feel we might explode. We know that we either have too much stress or we’ve been stressed for too long and something’s got to give.

Other times, stress isn’t as obvious. It may be the result of an unhealthy relationship we’ve stayed in for too long, poor nutrition, too much or the wrong kind of exercise, not enough sleep, or any other number of reasons.

So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimize wellness? How do we reduce stress in our lives and ultimately in our bodies so that we can live a healthy lifestyle? Read more about Stress: Obstacle #2 to a Healthy Lifestyle

Food Cravings and Addictions: Obstacle #3 to a Healthy Lifestyle

I am no stranger to food cravings or addictions. Pizza and wine, burgers and beer, cookies, brownies, ice cream… don’t get me started or I literally will not stop. While I may have been able to get away with eating like this on a regular basis in my teens and twenties, with every added decade I require a little more discipline. Add in surgical menopause, and my eating requires even stricter and consistent nutritional guidelines.

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