There are many spokes on the Wheels to Wellness including nutrition, fitness, spirituality/faith, relationships, finances, self-care/self-love, career, nature, prayer/meditation, rest/recovery, psychological, emotional, social, personal development, play, and more. To me, these are all fundamentals or “spokes” on the wheels to whole “body, mind, and soul” wellness.

I know we are all capable of feeling much better than we do and living a vibrant life on purpose. It doesn’t take a pill to make it happen. For me it will always take a preventative and pro-active approach and will involve a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Here are my current top three lifestyle habits that play a critical role in my health and well being.

Lori King, TRX trainingFitness

I’ve been an athlete all my life. As a child, it was softball and water skiing. Middle School it turned to soccer and then running to stay in shape for soccer. And in more recent years the bike and bodybuilding have taken a strong focus in my life. Along the way, I did a lot of playing and have always been willing to try new recreational pursuits including kayaking, rollerblading, hiking, kickboxing, yoga, swimming, TRX, bodybuilding, and an assortment of fitness and cardio classes. I believe fitness should be a part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle, and you have to find one that you truly enjoy in order to keep it consistent in your life.

Nutritional Cleansing and ReplenishmentNutrition

As an adult, nutrition became extremely important to me. I struggled with digestive issues and hormonal imbalances for most of my twenties and thirties. Doctor after doctor told me nothing was wrong, yet I still did not feel good most days of my life. I knew the answer was with my diet.

I’ve learned that the state of our food in America is frightening. With good intention (perhaps), we have increased the quantity and lowered the cost of our food, however, it has come at the sacrifice of quality. GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides (remember cide=death in Latin), bovine growth hormones, artificial coloring, and sweeteners are just a few of the things that I am concerned with.

Under the care and guidance of an acupuncturist, I discovered I had a sensitivity to gluten. WOW! Removing this from my diet was a huge step in helping me feel better!

I have also transitioned to buying organic foods. More expensive, yes. But it certainly tastes better, and I feel better and have less illness since doing so.

In 2009, a good friend introduced me to nutritional cleansing and replenishment. It was like someone turned a light on in my body. My digestion improved even more, my hormones balanced, and I released 21 pounds, 27 inches, and 9% body fat! It continues to be a major part of my nutrition and healthy lifestyle to this day, and every day!

Bio-Identical HormonesHormones

Earlier this year I went into surgery to have an ovary removed, and awoke to realize I had received a full hysterectomy, sudden surgical menopause included. At 43, with no ovaries, I’m now doing a lot of research on hormones. There is a HUGE difference between synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bio-identical hormones. I have chosen the latter and am grateful to my doctors for helping me through this new territory and season of life. This part of the story will have to be continued, however, I will say, as women, we do not have to suffer or simply accept that we’re getting older when menopause or perimenopause hits. And, it is more than hot flashes and night sweats. Weight, moods, and relationships get harder to manage, and we feel like an alien in our own body!

“Why are so many young women in their thirties and forties feeling like PMS is their new normal? On a roller-coaster ride of emotions, they are uncharacteristically cranky and fatigued—a bitchy, nasty, fuzzy-minded person they barely recognize and don’t enjoy (and neither, by the way, do their partners and families). It’s perimenopause, that lesser-known term defining the years when women’s hormones are kissing them good-bye, before they reach menopause. Perimenopause takes a big toll on women’s moods, health, and relationships.” (Suzanne Somers)

Other Spokes

Each of us is responsible for keeping the “spokes” in our Wheels to Wellness balanced and in good working condition. From time to time, some areas will require more attention than others.

Meditation and quieting your mindAs I go through this new season where my focus is on the hormone spoke, I am already looking ahead to the next spoke I desire more balance in: meditation. While prayer is a daily practice, meditation, mindfulness and quieting myself are ares I look forward to exploring in the near future!

What “spokes” are you currently working on?

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