Labor Day Weekend Health TipsBack to School, Back to YOU!

I don’t know about you, but in my mind, school doesn’t start til the Wednesday after Labor Day. That’s how it was as a kid growing up in Central NY.

But depending on where you live, your kids may have already returned to school. My friend Gwen lives in Atlanta and her kids went back weeks ago. And then there are the teachers, like my friend Barbara, who must return earlier than the students. And college students go back at different times as well, but usually in August.

Back to school can also be a mindset. It’s a state of mind that means summer is over, summer barbecues have ended, we’ve used up our vacation time until the holidays, and we are headed toward Fall.

Do you know it’s also one of the most popular times of year to get in shape? To set a new healthy lifestyle goal? To take care of YOU? Not to mention September is Self-care Awareness Month.

With all this in mind, I’d like to revisit a few of my past blog posts and pull out my best Healthy Lifestyle tips for Labor Day, Back To School, and Back to You!

Labor Day Health Tips

Don’t miss these healthy lifestyle tips for the holiday Labor Day Weekend including hydration, the buddy system, eating on time, cleansing, and more! Read Labor Day Health Tips.

A Healthy and Versatile 4th of July (or Labor Day) Cookout!

Labor Day often signals the end of summer with an assortment of fun activities- camping, boating, beaching, water slides, fireworks and, EATING! And despite all this fun, if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, social eating can prove to be a challenge. Check out these options to maneuver those holiday barbecues and have a successful and healthy cookout! Read A Healthy and Versatile 4th of July (or Labor Day) Cookout!

Confront your own self-sabotage.Preparing your MIND for a Healthy Lifestyle

As a health and wellness coach, I speak with women all the time just like you and me, who have good intentions, but somehow either sabotage themselves or get sidetracked as life – and the people in it – have a different agenda.

When we embark on a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we skip the most important step: preparing our mind. Yet our mind is just another muscle that we train. Here are some of my top tips for preparing your mind for a healthy lifestyle.

Decide ahead of time. The power of rules.

“Success is something you decide ahead of time.”
The beauty of setting rules and deciding ahead of time is that in a short period of time, they become habits. Healthy habits! And rules are simply decisions made ahead of time for our own good, or toward the achievement of a goal. Read Decide ahead of time. The power of rules.

I eat according to my goalsSummer bodies are made in the spring anytime you decide!

We are in a transitional time of year when we start to refocus on any lingering resolutions or healthy living goals we have for the year. Enjoy these lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from competing in ongoing 16-week Healthy Body Challenges. Read Summer bodies are made in the spring anytime you decide!

Self-Love and a Healthy Lifestyle. It’s all just data.

I have found that words like diet and resolutions leave us feeling “less than.” Like we haven’t reached success yet. That we are somehow not enough.

What if we were to take the emotion out of it? What if we were to look at things like scale weight, body measurements and before photos simply as data? As information we track?

So often when I coach people toward a healthier lifestyle, I encounter resistance over this tracking process. To me, it’s data. Data I use to adjust and tweak to get you the best results. Read Self-Love and a Healthy Lifestyle. It’s all just data.

Active Relationships. Nurturing relationships through fitness.

By combining relationship building with fitness and activities, your overall health and wellness will improve. You will be partnering and collaborating with the important people in your life, to build in more activity and fitness, while improving time management and making a busy life easier to manage. Read Active Relationships. Nurturing relationships through fitness.

Show love through food
Food Bullying

Navigating the social aspect of your healthy lifestyle

As you embark on a healthy lifestyle, you may be tempted to keep this decision to yourself; however, a key aspect of your success will lie in the accountability of sharing your decision with close family and friends. Friends and family can be your biggest support, or they can do the most food bullying. Sharing ahead of time makes the difference. Read Food Bullying.

Stuff Happens: Stay Committed Anyway

Your healthy lifestyle ushers in new commitments. Commitments to be healthier, to complete a fitness challenge, to save more, grow your income, change jobs, grow your faith, improve your relationships, etc. And yet so often, the things we start, go unfinished. Why? Stuff happens. Read Stuff Happens: Stay Committed Anyway.

Self-hate or Self-love?

Self-love is the act of taking care of yourself, which includes your body and your health. Read Self-hate or Self-love?

To Find Your Passion Look to your Childhood

They say to find your passion in life you need look no further than your childhood. Oprah, for example, as a little girl, supposedly lined up her dolls and interviewed them. For me, as a child, I was always on my bike. And while I took a detour away from it for many years, I am happy to say cycling is a large part of my life, my health, and my love. Read To find your passion look to your childhood.

I encourage you to explore and remember what you loved to do as a child and consider bring it into your current healthy lifestyle!

Banish phrases like I don't have the time and I don't have the money.Stronger Together

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