Ever wonder what makes successful people…successful? Often, it’s their MINDSET.

That’s what my book, Transform, Building the Mindset to Change Your Body and Your Life is all about. And this week (4/15/24 – 4/19/24), for FIVE days only, the eBook version is FREE!

This book is not about the specific diet or exercise that you should follow to reach success. I won’t teach you how to count macros or give you specific workouts. Your success in health and wellness and your compliance with exercise and nutrition depends on your mental strength and resilience, and that is what this book is about.

I am writing to dispel the myths or lies that you tell yourself as to why you can’t have success: you’re too old, you’re too young, you’re divorced, you’ve been abused, you’re menopausal, you’re too skinny, you’re overweight, you have a disease or illness, or simply, you don’t feel worthy. I’ve been there. I’ve dealt with these lies in my own life and if I can overcome them, so can you.

My goal is to empower you to become the healthiest, happiest, most successful version of yourself that you can—whatever that means to you. As part of my mission to inspire you to live life more abundantly, I’m sharing the top tips, rules, and mindsets that I’ve embraced on my journey to success. It’s MY turn to pay it forward and it’s YOUR turn to create your own success story as well as your own happiness.

Enjoy this excerpt from Transform, Building the Mindset to Change Your Body and Your Life.

Successful people realize that setbacks, disappointments, and problems are temporary. Tough times never last. Quitters view setbacks, disappointments, and problems as permanent. They lose hope, play the victim, lean into drama, blow things out of proportion, and talk about it until it becomes their story or mantra. 

When you embrace a quitting mentality, you lose hope. You lose something you can rejoice about. You lose something that gives you strength. You lose something that renews your strength in times of need. Hope brings you peace and understanding, and attracts people who can’t thrive without hope. 

Successful people take responsibility. There is no blaming, complaining, or whining. They charge forward. They stop trying and they start doing. They choose perseverance in the face of adversity knowing that what the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve. 

This mental toughness is a choice you make. It is something you build within yourself. It’s not a gift that only a select number of people have or are born with. It involves using your mind to infuse positive thoughts and actions into your life that reinforce your efforts and goals. When you embark on a healthy lifestyle, sometimes you skip the most important step: preparing your mind. And your mind is just another aspect that you train with intention. 

When you choose to approach a healthy lifestyle from a logical standpoint instead of an emotional reaction, when you decide to change your body as an act of self-love, and when you accept that failure is part of every success, you’ll begin to understand that power is found in the choices you make and the actions you take. 

When you take the time to define your goals and get in touch with why you want to live your healthiest life, when you can recognize your own triggers, obstacles, and ways that you self-sabotage, when you seek out support instead of solitude in your quest, and when you recreate your habits with intention, you’ll move from a victim mindset to the hero in your own life story. 

Moving from victim to hero will require that you keep your promises, tune out the naysayers and voice of self-doubt, let go of your past and your inner Charlie Brown, and take action. These are not tools of overnight success, but of a great adventure where you persist until you succeed.

©2024 Lori Ann King

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